way to test old ph raw materials?

  1. way to test old ph raw materials?

    as it says, is there a way i can test some of my older powders to see if they're still good/effective? besides taking them!

    ive got some 4-ad and 1-t from like '04 i wanted to use up possibly with a better carrier than was available back then. no transdermal, just oral. If they are still good, what would u recommend as a carrier? If i could get some of that grapefruit extract stuff like PP, i think id be gold.

  2. They would be a waste to use them and not go trans-dermal. I don't know how you could test them to see if they were good though. Seven years is pretty old though. I've heard 1-T powder should burn if you taste it. 1T/4AD trans cycle was the best stuff ever!. None of the crap they have out today could even compare.

  3. well, lets say they are still good. are u saying go transdermal because its a better carrier than any oral carrier right now?

  4. Yes thats exactly what I'm saying. Well that and 1T and 4AD just don't work orally. If I were you I might try This.

    Go with 600 mg a day in divided doses for the 1T and 800mg in divided doses for the 4AD. That is if you have enough for that. I'd guess you would go for at least a 6 weeker.

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