Left tricep twitching

  1. Left tricep twitching

    I drove for 6 hours a few days ago and since then Ive had a very painful throbbing, involuntary spasming in my left tricep and its extremely painful.

    Ive started taking a multivitamin in case its some kind of deficiency (which I doubt) and I dont think its from my workouts as they are about the same intensity as usual, plus I havent done much tricep stuff this week.

    Any ideas? it actually noticably twitches and pumps every couple minutes, it looks really strange. Im hoping it will go away and that its some kind of nerve thing from the driving.

    It is occuring right around the elbow joint.

  2. you might have put pressure on your arm or neck for an extended period of time, cutting off circulation of your nerves in your arm (while you were driving)
    its your nerves acting funny from that i am guessing. If your not ok in a few days go see a neurologist.

  3. u may have to amputate jk

  4. Drink a ton of water and take some magnesium. I get twiches and spasms sometimes after long drives, that generally seems to help.

  5. Not to be an alarmist, nor can I be sure, but it could be a disk/nerve issue in your neck around the c7.

    Do you have any numbness or tingling in your fingers or palms?


    Nerve Damage and Regeneration

  6. Hey man don't worry about it too much, that happens to me too every once in a while. Sometimes it happens after a hard workout, sometimes it seems for no reason. It usually goes away in a day or two, just like what was said before, drink a lot of water, eat a good diet and try to be patient(even though it is annoying as fcuk). If it persists then i'd go see a dr.

  7. Any update, Variocam?


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