Do you eat the whole egg or just the white?

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  1. Quote Originally Posted by Iron Warrior
    I just do the egg white liquid cartons from costco, cheap and effective.
    I knew I joined that place for a reason. Gotta go get these. Sweet.

    Zavijava, dude it's the eggs. My Dad smells like you.

  2. Quote Originally Posted by big boi 1906
    Something about there being a health risk by eating lots of protein without fat. .
    They are probably talking about "protien poisoning". Basically if you were to eat nothing but protien for weeks, it messes you up.

  3. I usualy just boil them and eat the white. When in need of yolk(bulking) I just make an omlet like others have posted. Throw in some fat free cheese and lean meat. Nice meal to start off with.

  4. boil 10 a day and munch em through out the day as a craving stopper. I personally eat 1 whole egg at a time and throw half the yolk. doing this stops the bordom of just the white rubber..

  5. So can you explaind this avidin biotin stuff in 17 year old speak?

    Do i need to eat the whites, the yolks, or both and in what ratio?


  6. I eat generic egg beaters, kroger brand, I use generic pam butter flavored and scramble it all up in a generic pan, on my generic stove.

    I'm so generic.(cheap(poor))

  7. Eat the whole thing , The lipids help burn fat

  8. awesome. thanks


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