What to check in my blood work ?

  1. What to check in my blood work ?

    They checked for stds ,vitamin deffiency ,thyroid, testosterone, liver . Now they want to send out labs for just cholesterol which I know will be high . They charge me 25 dollars for blood work no matter what i check in it . So I was thinking of checking my estrogen and shbg . Any other things I can check ?
    Symptoms are :
    Always tired , always sleepy , libido way low (like I want to have sex but sometimes doesn't work right ) emotional at times because of always being tired , I been getting hurt easily without even lifting anything , I bloat a lot , high blood pressure .
    The docs keep telling me I'm depressed but I know I ain't .... been there done that . I am over weight I'm 226 lbs ,6ft ,29 yrs old . I have been eating cleaner and joggin more and drinking a lot more water . I go to the gym lift for about a hour then go for a mile and a half or 2 . I'm always active at work (stock drywall) . But even before when I was over weight even more (257 like 3 years ago) then now my libido was never this low ! This all happened after three months of terbinafine ( for toe nail fungus ) medication .The docs keep telling me that none of what I feel is a side affect of that medication. But before that I was always tired to just not with the libido loss or the massive bloating .

    My test came back at 362 they said that was normal .
    I want to keep looking for things in my blood either way it's going to cost 25 bucks . Any help would be greatly appreciated .

    I've ran epistane like 7 years ago n checked my test after and it was higher then it is now . Ever since then I have never ran anything . But i was also a lot more fit .

  2. tired and overweight is possibly sleep apnea.

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  4. My psychiatrist told me to check for sleep apenea but then I told him I didn't have insurance and he said yea it's going to be way to expensive . So I want to rule out everything n have that be my last option . I think my hormones are going to be messed up . My test was a bit low they didn't check my estrogen or shgb . I'll just have them check all of that . Thanks for the help I appreciate it

  5. Here’s a good bloodwork guide to read:
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