Feedback on Homemade Mass Gainer

  1. Feedback on Homemade Mass Gainer

    Little different subject than I am used to since I can bulk up easily but my roommate is currently 5'10", 155 lbs and he is trying to bulk up. He has trouble reaching caloric goals and he was gonna buy a mass gainer. I figured I would just buy ingredients in bulk so he can save money and get a better shake.
    I figure 2 scoops whey, 3 servings steel cut oats grinded in a coffee grinder, 2 tablespoons EVOO and 5g creatine.
    Works out to be:
    Calories Fat Carbs Protein
    1025 40 97 85
    Does this look pretty good for a bulking shake? Lower fats/up carbs? Add in dexatrose/maltodextrin?
    How will 3/4 cup of grinded steel cut oats go down?

    He is mildly lactose intolerant and allergic to nuts so no milk or PB. I can get 34 servings of this for $85 (EVOO is the limiter with 2 bottles being 34 servings). I think this is a pretty good deal compared to something like Serious Mass where it is mostly maltodextrin.

    You bulking experts will know more than me so any feedback is great.
    Thanks in advance!
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  2. Looks good to me

    Bolus FTW!
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  3. Quote Originally Posted by PalmFist View Post
    Looks good to me

    Bolus FTW!
    Add some sort of whole fruit as well. Apple. Banana...
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  4. And PB
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  5. Quote Originally Posted by PalmFist View Post
    And PB
    Damn forgot to mention he is allergic to nuts! I will edit that in.

    Thanks for the quick feedback! Once he gives me the money I'll order this stuff up and update on how it is all working when he gets into it.
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  6. I think this looks good, OP!
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  7. You could opt for almond milk or lactose free as an alternative; but thats just me personally. That way I can thicken it up with a little and add bananas and EVCO.

  8. I've always just added whole milk and PB to my protein shakes and that works for me when bulking. Comes out to about an extra 900 calories a day and ups the protein content about 15grams per shake . Maybe since there's a peanut allergy replace the PB with a couple eggs and a tablespoon of olive/coconut oil each shake.

  9. Thanks for the tips! He ordered his protein a few days ago so now I just gotta get him to buy the oats and EVOO to get him started. I'll ask him if he wants to add fruits or other stuff to it once he tries it out.
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  10. Oats, protein, evvo is a winner. Ive used same for years. If anything else I would add leucine.


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