Hypercholesterolemia gene carriers?

  1. Hypercholesterolemia gene carriers?

    I know cholesterol hasn't been DIRECTLY the cause of heart disease. So many other factors involved. However due to the fact that my body keeps cholesterol in my blood stream and has the potential to be oxidized by pathways, free radicals, etc... Does it make sense to limit it? I generally limit it to 10% of my overall fat intake. But my diet is calling for a higher saturated fat intake. Am I shooting myself in the foot? No blood tests present at the moment.

  2. What kind of supplements/ health products are you taking? Do you now what your current total cholesterol is? Or how high your blood triglycerides are?

    If you have high TG's then you will have very small LDL particles which are very susceptible for oxidation, if you have low TGs then you will have much larger LDL particles which are not.

  3. Your body produces much more cholesterol than you take in. Insulin seems to play the largest role in cholesterol production, so work to control insulin levels (i.e.: reduced CHO diet, no non-natural sugars, no grains or refined CHO, etc.).

    Next is blood pressure. When BP is elevated it puts stress on the artery walls which can eventually lead to damage. When damage occurs it increases the uptake of cholesterol by the arterial walls. Also involved is inflammation and oxidation, as inflammation will increase the risk of arterial wall damage and oxidation will increase the ability of LDL to get into the arterial wall.

    Here is my review on the mechanisms behind atherosclerosis (build up of plaque in arteries).

    Jason Cholewa Health and Performance, Relative - Atherosclerosis
    Jason Cholewa, Ph.D., CSCS

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