meal examples post cycle to keep gains

  1. meal examples post cycle to keep gains

    The title says it all. post your meals and explain...


  2. I love how he said post up your meals and yet you posted a supplement

  3. Chicken in gram masala, cucumbers, sweet potato, broccoli, herbs and spices/

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    Chicken in curry, tomatoes, beans. brown rice, broccoli, pumpkin seeds

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  4. Dang thos look amazing. Cant wait to get the girl friend in the kithchen. I never would have thought to put pumpkin seed in a meal, but it looks to work. Cant wait to try.

  5. It's easy and tasty as hell

  6. Love to learn from my bird fillet mignon steak , juicy delicious highh protein good stuff , marinate seasoning cook alittle on the pan than throw it on de oven 5-6 mins look how juicy u want ans bam (preheat oven ) ) and half garlic for 15-20 mins bammm
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  7. Whatever fish or red meat they are having at the DFAC


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