Need diet help - fats in particular - omega 3-6-9 wtf?

  1. Need diet help - fats in particular - omega 3-6-9 wtf?

    Ok...I'll start by admitting this is a newb question but I want your insight. I have no internet and my research capabilities are limited at work. And's too much of a pain in the ass to look it all up on my phone. I want to know all of your favorite and most often used forms of dietary fats. I'm looking to lower my carb intake a bit and obviously need to make up the extra daily calorie differential (still consuming high protein). How much do you eat daily? What kinds? When? I've read a lot that cooking with oils really degrades them and essentially can turn them 'Bad'. Thoughts and insight appreciated.

    Also, how do you manage your omega 3-6-9 ratio? I've read that a good 6-3 ratio is 2:1. Well with all the people on here eating peanut butter (6), almonds (9) and all these other fat sources that aren't omega in the hell does anyone hit a daily 2:1 ratio of omega 6 - 3. I've read that after 3g EPA/DHA combined the benefits of omega 3's basically stop. Do you just take fish oil pills for the hell of it after that (lol) to keep a good ratio. Where does coconut oil fit into all this? Its mostly all saturated fat, but acts more like a carb? What does it do to heart health?

    I've just read so much conflicting information today alone that my head is spinning. I need some info from people here who are into the same thing I am. What about the paleo folks? Where do you get all your fat from and manage to keep a HEALTHY balance/ratio to it all. Admittedly I never thought such a simple subject could provide so much confusing and conflicting schools of thought.

  2. Well I actually used a plan made by Obi Obadike, (so i think the dude knows what he's talking about with diet lol)

    But i was eating about 50 cals above maintenance on a cut with lots of lifting and cardio thrown in, id have about 2 teaspoons of fish oil (4-5pills worth) in the morning and then 2 tablespoons of natural peanut butter in the afternoon. - fish oils are important but it isnt everything, diversity always helps and peanut butter is always a great choice for some good fats and oils.

    those were pretty much my only fat sources, (along with some in the fish and chicken i ate) but it worked like a charm and kept my joints lubricated with all the high rep sets i was doing.

  3. I myself dont really worry about omega's,i do take a fish oil cap and try to get ones higher in 3's,but get plenty of the others though my fat choices.
    Which are almonds,walnuts,olive oil,coconut meat/milk,avocados,milk,fish(salmon/mackerel)free range eggs(live in country/cheaper then store bought)
    a sound diet is key to a sound body.

  4. I like to cook with extra virgin olive oil. Eating fish as well and salmon is my favourite. I used to take flaxseed oil capsules and it is sort of similar to fish oil.

  5. Easiest to take in- peanut butter, canola oil, egg yolks. My favorite tend to be those as well with avocados from time to time.

  6. Ill add a tidbit. I cook with grapeola...enriched grapeseed oil...has high smoke point, lots of heart healthy fats and vitamin e. Relatively inexspensive too I get it at Kroger.

    Secondly , I take a combo pill that has a mix of 3,6,9 made up of fish, borage, primrose, etc in it not sure of mg's of each off top of my head but I take around 6/day...its easy to get them in but being precise with supps plus foods would be chalengin IMO

    Next thing im looking at is Walmart now has safflower oil in liquid form strawberry flavored. Way cheaper than buying cla caps


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