Eat more??

  1. Eat more??

    I need alittle help here.
    Im 33yrs 10.5%b/f at 179lb
    Im training around kickboxing (just starting).

    I switched my lifting routine from a b/b based to more olympic style(snatchs,cleans ect.)with less isolation work.
    At 6am
    I train with heavy-bag in morning mon,fri 45min 80-85%h/r
    and tue-thur more of conditioning workout with jumping rope,shadow-boxing,heavy bag (Hard)for 20min then do 20 push-ups (poly)25 sit-ups,4x
    take a break for 1min and do 20 jump squats,50cruntchs 4x followed by a nice c/d of streching.

    I started drinking whey/orange or strawberries around 150cal(was doing bag training fasted (not good)
    Main things is i don't want fatigue during day get after breakfast/mid-morning

    I eat clean take in around 3300cals.Was 3100cal but fatigue was bad.
    At 7:30
    My breakfast is steel cut 1c cooked,apple,1/4c walnuts,2 eggs,1-2 whites
    At 10:30
    Mid-morning is 1c greek yougurt/1/4c blueberries,4 wheat crackers/1tsb p/b
    At 1:30
    whole wheat pita,tomatoe,spinach,1/2c avocado,3oz.lean pork loin,1c broccoli
    At 3:30 pre-workout
    1c steel cut,1/4c pumpkin seeds,1 scoop whey,1/2 bananna
    At around 6-6:30 post
    1c 1%,1/2c low-fat yogurt,scoop whey,tsb molasis
    At 7:30
    salad klye 1c,carrots1/2c,red pepper1/2,1c quinia,5oz clams,1+1 tsb olive oil,vin
    at 9:30-10
    1/2c cottage cheese,1/4c walnuts
    Its 3200cal as is no morning shake/200g pro,134g fat,348g carbs
    What should i add?Im losing fat around .3% a week and being fatigue during day just walking around ect.Not trying to lose trying to be more active and get some muscle/strengh going

    Also doing hiit post lifting only lifting 4x (hill sprints,box-jumps,sled pulls,prowler)

    So am i looking at 4000cals???

  2. As far as supps go.
    vit-c 1000mg
    tyrosine 1000mg
    vit-b complex
    green-tea extract 400mg
    multi-vit after breakfast

    fish oil/cla
    mybe green-tea

    tyrosine 1000mg
    c-4,pump-fixx ect.

    post before shake
    10g leucine
    5g glutamine
    2.5g carnitne

    5g creatine
    2.5 beta-alanine


    2.5g gaba

  3. Holy supps

  4. Only thing I could recommend is eating more carbs for your pre-workout meal. I make sure I get 30% of my daily carb intake 1.5-2 hours pre-workout.

  5. Quote Originally Posted by Ya Boy A View Post
    Only thing I could recommend is eating more carbs for your pre-workout meal. I make sure I get 30% of my daily carb intake 1.5-2 hours pre-workout.
    Im already taking in around 55g 1 1/2hr before.Then 67 post.Drinking 3scoops of x-tend towards end.

  6. eat more bro, don't be scared. I was scared at first too. When I calculate up my daily maintenance in fitday it's literally a little over 4800 cals based on how active I am day in and day out. And I stay lean eating well over 4000.

  7. I think im burning around 2000cals a day with just my exercise(training) if not its close.
    Around 600 on avg.morning with just a shake or with a piece of fruit(heavy-bag 45min)
    Then eve lifting int for 45-60min depends on how fast/rest and then i do hiit after and just sprinting which i do but its either hills/sleds or i do sprints with box-jumps like i'll do 2 sets of box's sprint 10x 2 box's run 10min/jog 10min to cooldown.
    I thought that after my morning training that my breakfast could be slowing the carbs i need post because of the fat?I've upping my cals around 50-100 every coulpe days to feel a difference
    Im losing fat alittle weight with out doing much during day(really can't fatigue)I try but it's taxing on me.
    Problem is i'll eat more then i'll get that energy and train even harder and longer.Im such an idioit!!

  8. Going to switch up meal plan to this:
    5:00am wake and shake
    22g whey/Mybe piece of fruit depends on training that day(usally 45min hit)
    7:30 Breakfast (post-training)
    lg.bowl porridge/250ml skim milk+2tsp sugar
    3 egg-whites/1 whole
    200ml orange juice+1tsb flaxseed oil

    10:30 snack
    100gchicken breast
    2 oatcakes
    lg bananna

    1:00 lunch
    200g tuna/2tbsp low-fat yogurt
    2 slices sprouted bread/olive-oil spead
    tbsp pumpkin or sunflower seeds
    mixed salad

    3:30 snack
    mrp in water or almond milk

    45min pre-workout
    100g chicken breast
    2 oatcakes

    post workout
    2 scoops whey

    around 7:30 dinner
    150g fish(flounder,ect.)or top sirlion(grass-fed)
    3-4 red potatoes or sweet or basmati rice(50g)
    lg serve veggies broccoli,brussel sprouts ect.

    snack 10:00 2 oatcakes/40g low-fat cheese

    time ? bedtime
    150g cottage cheese

    total cals est. 3400-3600
    Now im not a b/b im training for strengh and endurance with focus on kickboxing.
    Im doing around 8hrs morning training a week with 4hrs weights(eve)followed by 2 1/2hrs aweek of hiit post lifting.So im needing cals.and carbs for fuel.Not cutting or bulking!Losing fat now at 3300cals

  9. what do you weigh bro?

  10. 179-180lb at 10.5%
    4 months ago 204 16.4%
    Not cutting or bulking (not trying to be a body builder)
    I gained some muscle but not like i wanted.
    I enjoy the kickboxing more everyday so im trying to eat/train for it.
    In better shape now then when iwas lifting 6dats aweek.
    Still have alot of fatigue at times of day but hoping this meal plan will work for me.

  11. First day of new meal plan and other then normal post meal fatigue which i think i fixed.
    I had a awesome workout hit hard took 45min usally 60min. and finished it off with run to local hill for 12 sprints and ran home.

    Morning training was alittle rough but kinda knew that (little carbs on sunday)
    but got though it.
    Real test is tomorrow on how i feel then on sunday for weigh in.
    Hopefully feel good and in the mid to low 10%range.

    Actally feel better without carbs in post shake!

  12. Day three of meal plan.Still have fatigue during day.My cals are around3100 after adding up.So im eating 200-300 less then i was.
    I think i need to add 200-300 more because 3 days ago i was 180.6 10.8%this mornin 182 at 10.4% So with my guessing of bodying slowing to save cals for training seems to be a fact.

    with that being said since i built muscle my protein is good so i mainly do hiit training should i add carbs or fat??Eating around 360 carbs now not to much fat.

  13. Is it actually hunger? Or is it low blood sugar, which obviously itself causes extreme hunger?

    My guess is that it actually is low blood sugar. Overtraining can lead to hypoglycemia symptoms, specifically reactive hypoglycemia. Where your blood sugar drops after a meal and you will get EXTREMELY hungry because of it. You think you need more cals, but in reality it's because you are having blood sugar issues.

    Just something to keep in mind speaking from personal experience.

  14. Im not hungry at all.I eat at set times of around 2 1/2-3hrs and my gut will start growling anound 30min before i eat.I just use to get energy after a meal now the opp.
    I say this becuase if i was more active during day i'd need more cals.
    Im starving in morning after downing a whey shake and training for 40-50min im not even done and my gut is rumbling.I eat breakfast and fight of fatigue and do my thing.

    Since im not working now i do something mid-morn to get an extra boost which seems to work.
    Today 100 tire flips in 10min (getting it done!)and a nice run with a sled to cooldown.


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