Sugar: The Bitter Truth ( WELL WORTH WATCHING!)

  1. Exclamation Sugar: The Bitter Truth ( WELL WORTH WATCHING!)

    great vid, I saw a while ago but figured it might help some peeps so i made it a thread:
    [nomedia=" 6I"]YouTube- Sugar: The Bitter Truth[/nomedia]

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  2. Finally I'm shown how fructose is bad with real science and not the urban myth broscience that normally goes around.

    Thanks and repped.

  3. I hate sugar with a passion. But damn this video makes me feel horrible for even slipping in my energy drinks.

    I havent watched it all, just bits of it throughout it. Man...luckily the guy is decent to listen to. Man I was drinking a gatorade the other day, looked at the liver seen HFCS got pissed and threw it down half drank. Why the hell cant the FDA do a REAL job and stop this kinda crap.

  4. For the same reason achool and tobaco isn't banned but AAS are They just don't like to go against the masses, if all of us love sugary food we don't ban them but if only a small group have perfectly healthy supplements we're usually assumed to take steroids and dangerous food, when a simple whey shake hurts much less our body then a botle of sugary chocolate half-skimmed milk.

  5. Watching now... not sure if I'll watch it ALL though :P Any major points I could fast forward to?

  6. purebred
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    Even better than this video would be Sweet Misery: A Poisoned World:

    This is an ingredient over 90% of our nutritional supplements and plenty of [overlooked] research showing aspartame is not safe.

  7. Interesting article by economist Walter Williams about the governments role in promoting HFCS.
    Making Americans Sick

    It's like Jonny Bowden says, it's not so much that fructose in of itself is super harmful, but it's so abdundant that its super easy to intake a dangerous amount.

  8. good watch

  9. I watched the whole thing twice, it was great man. I saw it like a year ago and just watched it yesterday its mind blowing. Im gonna watch sweet misery tomorrow

  10. This video is a good watch if you have time to burn, but quite a lot of it is overdramatised rubbish.

    Here's a good discussion of the video and the comments actually feature the author and a large number of critics: (cant post proper link)

    ht tp://ww

  11. It's all true.

    Now I wish I could stop eating sugar. I'm addicted. Trying to cut down a lot, but I don't know if it's really working

  12. Hmmm,

    Nothing that anyone could not have learned by picking up a BASIC starter nutrition book

    Decent video I guess...

    Also the book or A book leaves out all of the "over the top" garbage that these video "gurus" like to include...
    ---The internet is the father of the electronic lynch-mob---


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