Eating for the gym, saving money for college?

  1. Question Eating for the gym, saving money for college?

    Ill be leaving off to college soon, and maybe some people can give me some pointers on some quick, easy, and most importantly cheap ways to get my food in for the day. I eat a good anabolic diet with about 3000 calories a day for matience (fast metabolism) and money is gonna be a bit tight. Also whats a good cheap whey protein that is still of decent value?

  2. Bulk rice, bulk pasta, bulk chicken and bulk ground beef. Those are pretty cheap and dense in carbs, fats and protein. Clutch is about 28lbs for a 5lb jug and it is a blend between concentrate and isolate. With protein, you want the most protein for the least cash dished out rather than vice versa or your pocket will hate you and the difference is minuscule... Muscle gauge makes a 34 dollar pure whey isolate protein in 5lbs if that interests you as well...

  3. repped bra. thanks. i was hoping for maybe some quick meal fixes dealing with the cheap bulk foods lol. ill be on the run most of the time i need something fast and nutritious.

  4. watch the sales ads, Raleys and Safeway; about once a month have chicken breast at 1.99\lb and London broil at 1.79/lb. when they do buy a months worth. problem is they both have the sales at the same time. Winco's bulk section is also your friend! good luck!!

  5. hook up some peanut butter sands

  6. Hardboil your eggs to take with you. Milk is available anywhere if you're in a hurry and can't get a meal. Precook and pack burger patties from the ground beef. Bring a spoon and peanut butter. Make restaurant employees your best friends- lots of them in college-you can get discounts on bulk food.(I get free food from Elephant Bar, Hooters and Hometown Buffet)


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