Quality of Food?

  1. Quality of Food?


    Does anyone ever get concerned about the quality of the food supply? Is it common for parasites to be found in food? I have heard that they can grow up to 20 feet long in the intestinial system, but am not sure how true this is. Any thought, comments? Thanks

  2. The food supply in America is very very safe compared to the rest of the world. Even though the FDA is majorly overworked and underfunded, you don't hear much about the food crisis's they prevent. They don't have the resources to catch every tainted food import which means the best they can do is damage control.

    Even so, the majority of food related illnesses aren't going to be deadly. Food parasites, and tape worms which are prevalent with undercooked pork, can be eliminated through proper cooking. The chances of getting a tape worm are pretty low, pretty much avoidable with adequate preparation. If you do get one, chances are it was a fluke and couldn't be prevented anyways. The major player with food borne pathogens is raw or uncooked produce. Produce caused outbreaks are so prevalent because fresh produce becomes easily adulterated during growing, has a high water content to support pathogen growth, and are eaten with minimal preparation.

    Really, the US has it good. Our food quality is high enough that we can gripe (but with good reason) about HFCS. We don't have to worry about eating meat that's decaying (had it happen to me in Morocco), human feces fertilizing our crops, or food safety laws not being enforced. To put it into perspective, how many places is it safe in the world to drink out of the faucet?

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