Need Some Diet Help...

  1. Need Some Diet Help...

    I have been reading these forums and trying to find out what to eat and how much ect...

    I am 6'5" 295lbs 23% bf... My goal is 280lbs ~15% body fat and gain of lean muscle and strength and just trying to get cut.

    I am going to be doing a Havoc/ Anabolic Pump cycle this winter, I am getting everything set up right now as far as workouts and diet.

    So my question is how and what should I eat to reach my goal? I will keep searching around but just thought I would make a post and see if I can get any specific answers.

    My Cycle these are the supplements I will be taking while on the cycle:

    Havoc 20/30/30/40/40
    Anabolic Pump
    Cycle Support
    Taurine (3-4g/ day)
    Milk Thistle (~4g/ day)
    Optimum 100% Whey (1-2g/ lb of BW)
    Opti-men MV
    3-4 Gallons of water/ day

    I think that cycle looks pretty stout myself, opinions on what I should add would be appreciated.

    Thanks in advance for the help on my diet!

  2. I planned my diet all out and put it into an excel file... I have a very structured routine for winter quarter...

    Please let me know what you think...

  3. Anyone?

  4. Thanks for all the help.

  5. may try the steriod section?



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