Incredible New Year Super Sale. Never Before Seen Prices!!!!1 Day Only!!!!!!!!

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  1. Quote Originally Posted by Stay Puft
    Solid. I've got a list about 20 items long I plan on scoring from NP come the New Year, pleased to see a percentage of it might be discounted.
    They are my favourite only supplement store, awesome prices and they ship super fast

  2. Sam,

    I uploaded a scan of the packing slip. See previous post.

    No worries, I'm not upset about the lack of samples. I just thought it was funny that "Free Samples" was written on the invoice, and I basically dumped the whole box of ghost poop on my bed, frantically looking for the "Free Samples" and there were none to be found.

    'looking forward to getting some Super Cissus, Cycle Support, GF-Pro, and YG/AP (if available). Creatine Gluconate too.


    Quote Originally Posted by stryder
    another reason to shop at NutraPlanet...

    1. Our orders are packaged by adolescent mutated ninja monkeys on skateboards.

  3. Quote Originally Posted by CROWLER
    By any chance did you ever see that movie with the wicked witches those monkeys had wings, maybe you could do that

    Wizard of Oz

  4. Quote Originally Posted by CROWLER
    You know I have NEVER said negative things about other companies but I DO want to say a few positive things about Anabolic Innovations products during this GREAT SALE>

    You MIGHT get the following if you order other companies products BUT I can ASSURE you that if you include even ONE Anabolic Innovations product you will receive all of the following:

    Third Party Independent lab tested Georgia air
    Packing Tape
    Packing material
    Shipping label
    A shipping box

    OH MAN!!! Georgia air..... that's the best. Hey Crowler can we get a CEO for that?
    ~ Nothing can kill the Grimace!!

  5. i personally like cardboard boxes, but i guess a shipping box will do!

  6. Hey, It's january 1st, 2007. POST THE SALE!
    Ok. maybe I'm a little anxious! nutraplanet Rocks.

    Happy New Year everyone.

    Dave in CT.

  7. Are these monkey's ill-tempered???

  8. Quote Originally Posted by jmh80
    Are these monkey's ill-tempered???
    lol, us or the NP packagers?!

    (im getting antsy)

  9. Well - maybe Sam can find some mutated sea bass too...

  10. has the sale started???

  11. Doesn't appear so - as of 1 min. ago.

  12. if i could i would be in a tent outside NP waiting for Sam to walk through the doors!!

  13. i give up, im going to bed

  14. Ive already filled my cart...just waiting for the website update


  15. Nearly 0400 EST and nothing new yet : (

  16. Dang, Its alright though! Ive got all tomorrow!


  17. Quote Originally Posted by Jdub
    Dang, Its alright though! Ive got all tomorrow!

    And I dont! damn, guess ill have to hit up work or an internet cafe in order to order...I always use the computer here at work. I really cant miss out on this deal.

  18. It's 7am est, where is the sale? I was going to be early so I got all the good stuff.

  19. 6:23 a.m. CST and nothing.

  20. anything yet?????

  21. Nothing!

  22. The Wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  23. Quote Originally Posted by NutraPlanet CS
    Stay tuned because starting the 1st we will be offering amazing blowout sales on top-notch product lines such as ALRI, Primaforce/Scivation, Anabolic Xtreme, SNS, Thermolife, and more!!!

    More info coming soon........
    It's January 1st, 2007; the time is 8:32 CST :

    Notice how he didn't mention the specific year or the specific month...

  24. A hoax! April fools came early this year.

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