How about this stack?

  1. How about this stack?

    Bulk Nettle Root
    Bulk PowerFULL
    Bulk Muira Puama
    Yellow Gold

    Days 1-3: Trione 3 caps w/last meal
    Nettle Root 2 gm/day (divided doses)
    PowerFULL 6-7gms/day (divided doses)
    Muira Puama 6-7gms/day (divided doses)
    Yellow Gold 1500mg/day (divided doses)

    Days 4-6: Trione 4 caps w/last meal
    Same as above

    Days 7-9: Trione 5 caps w/last meal
    Same as above

    Days 10-12: Trione 6 caps w/last meal
    Same as above

    Days 13-15: Trione 5 caps w/last meal
    Same as above

    Days 16-18: Trione 4 caps w/last meal
    Same as above

    Days 19-21: Trione 3 caps w/last meal
    Same as above

    Total cycle duration: 21 days

    This was my plan for my next non-hormonal stack sometime before or after christmas. To avoid excess estrogen I added the trione and my guess is that libido should increase sustantially. My goal is a clean mass cycle hoping to get 3lbs added on to my frame.

    All ingredients purchased from Nutraplanet.

    Any input would be appreciated.

  2. I like all the dosages, though an additional 7 grams on the Muira may not be necessary. To stretch your dollar (pun intended) you could get away with 3 grams of the MP. I like the dosages on the Nettle, Trione, and Yellow Gold..Should be a very interesting stack.

  3. How about adding in some Turkesterone?

    I agree that the MP might be a tad overdosed.
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  4. Thanks guys....then 3gms/day of MP it is.

    I ordered all items before Turkesterone was available. It would have been a nice addition yes...because right now I am on an E-Bol trial and I like it alot......I'd be curious how the 2 compare. Perhaps when the 20% Turkesterone shows up I'll get some.

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