Started out a little rough and ended with a pleased customer.

I took advantage of their great prices as a first time customer from their memorial day sale, I wasn't sure yet what to think of NP.

I ordered and waited a few days to receive the CC verification e-mail which I promptly replied to.

A week after order to my astonishment my order had been deleted and refunded due to human error! Needless to say, I was kind of upset for a minute thinking I'd have to order again after waiting for the refund to go through and have the possibility of waiting yet another week for my order. I replied back and within less than an hour had received a phone call from Customer Service. Long story short, they got my package sent out with overnight shipping that same day. Received the package and was filled with some goodies and plenty of samples as well as everything I had in my first order.

I always allow a company their resolution before saying anything positive/negative, and they went above and beyond to satisfy a first time customer resolving an issue. They get my highest recommendation and they'll continue to be a source for my supplements.

Thanks Jimmy and NP!