New Java Lather formula?

  1. New Java Lather formula?

    I've bought two bottles of the 8 oz. liquid in the past and absolutely loved this stuff. Addicting smell, and really improved my skin tone. I even bough a bunch of the scented reeds as soon as they came out.

    Just got my new bottle in the mail and this can't be the same stuff. My older versions of the soap was a dark mahogany color, had the exfoliating 'bits' in them, and despite the 'java' name I felt the almond and honey notes were just as prevalent and each scent complimented each other nicely.

    The new soap is light brown, no exfoliating pieces, and the smell is just a real chemical-like 'coffee' scent, without the other complimenting scents. It won't lather at all.

    I love RPN and I think Dsade is terrific so it kills me to speak negative, but I'm really, really dissapointed in this new version. I've thought about purchasing a big supply of these and regret not doing this with the older versions.

  2. Are you sure this is Java Lather - sounds more like Java Lustre...?

  3. Yes, I wonder if you ordered/received the Lustre Shampoo? It's light brown and I have heard anything about a new version of the liquid Java lather. Is it a tan bottle or a blue bottle that you're using?
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  4. We still have the exfolliating grounds in the liquid soap ?

  5. As mentioned, there is still exfoliating grounds in the Java Lather Liquid, in a blue bottle, same scent, and same basic formula.

    The Formula WILL be changing to an all-organic for the final (awaiting labels), but the product out there now is the same and has not changed since the beginning.
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  6. Thanks for the responses guys.

    NutraCS and Jaid, the bottle is blue and all the packaging says it's the bodywash. The bottle is 'taller' than the older version, if that is of any help.

    Dsade, thanks for taking the time to read. You make great stuff, but I'm not real sure what to say about the scent. I believe that you didn't change it, but I had a little of the older stuff left and 'Pepsi challenged' the two with my girlfriend and roomate and they both thought the smell was noticeably different on the new one. Not trying to give you a hard time, some people might enjoy that, but as someone who has bought the older stuff in the past, the difference in smell was enough to put me off from buying any more.

    Picked up the Banish in that order and am loving it so far!! Great stuff. I'll make sure to write a full review when I'm done with it.


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