NutraPlanet's New Year's Sale Extravaganza!!!

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  1. Exclamation NutraPlanet's New Year's Sale Extravaganza!!!

    First, we would like to thank all of our loyal customers for helping 2008 become such a successful year for us; further encouraging Team NutraPlanet to continue making a difference in this industry!

    As we reach 2009, NutraPlanet is more than dedicated in becoming an unstoppable force in helping each customer reach their personal goals in fitness, health, & wellness; influencing us to all to state that "2009 is mine"!

    So the real question is "Are you ready?". Are you ready for The LARGEST Sales Event of the Year? It only comes once a year and the savings are truly unprecedented; this is "THE SALE" that you can’t afford to miss!

    The NutraPlanet New Year’s Sale: FOR TEN DAYS ONLY OR WHILE SUPPLIES LAST, we’re seriously pushing the envelope with savings so deep, it puts every other sale to shame, giving you no choice but to SAVE, while improving your life …PERIOD!

    The savings really stacks up this year and we’re pulling out any obstacle with only one objective in mind: Saving you MAD cash!

    For starters, Save BIG with discounts up to 80% OFF on some of our featured manufacturers:

    Don't get too excited, for the fun has just begun! We are also slashing our free shipping offer IN HALF! That's right, NutraPlanet will be temporarily offering Free domestic FedEx ground shipping on orders over $100!!!

    Looking for a way to help sport out your favorite nutrition shop? Well, now is your chance, FOR FREE!! For a limited time only or while supplies last, RECEIVE A FREE "Master Your World" NutraPlanet Hoodie on any order of $500+ in value!!! **You do not need to add one to your shopping cart. If you are eligible for this offer, then please leave a comment during checkout, requesting the hoodie and what size you would prefer.

    PLUS, everyone loves FREE SAMPLES! Therefore, now is your chance to get LOADED DOWN WITH FREE SAMPLES AND GOODIES! After pulling a few strings and collecting all that we could find, NutraPlanet is ready to make it feel like Christmas all over again, by filling your pockets with extra goodies!

    And, for the Grand Finale, drum roll please....

    As if these EXTREME SAVINGS and ADDITIONAL FREE INCENTIVES were not enough, NutraPlanet has decided to lay down all of our cards on the table, helping keep hard earned money in your wallet!

    We are also offering 10% - 20% OFF OF EVERYTHING** (**Please note this excludes any featured company or promotion.) Just simply find one of the coupon codes below that best suites your checkout total. Then, type the code in the coupons section during checkout, proceed as normal, and the unbeatable savings will be deducted from your total amount due:
    • NewYear10 (10% off orders over $100)
    • NewYear15 (15% off orders over $500)
    • NewYear20 (20% off orders over $1000--UNPRECEDENTED NEW DISCOUNT)

    NutraPlanet truly values and appreciates each of our customers; you are who makes up this team as a whole and we could not reached our stance without each of you!

    Therefore, for the customers who truly appreciate this sale and amazing savings opportunity, please return the favor by emailing your friends and co-workers to help spread the word, so that we can afford to continue offering great sales of this nature!

    And, please give a round of applause to the featured companies above, who helped make this sale possible.

    This Sale and the promotions above all officially start at the strike of Midnight on January 1st, but for 10 DAY ONLY! Its a new year, with the time to become a new YOU! Let the games begin....

    For additional information over our New Year's Sale, please click here.

    HAPPY NEW YEAR, 2009!
    Nice Products, Nice Prices, Nice People, No!....Welcome to our World!

  2. I can't wait!

  3. Happy New Year!!!

  4. I cant wait!!

  5. Going to have to have my order in, oh ya! And also not be drunk that night!

  6. !!!..Hoodies all around..!!!

  7. Is the sale going to be up right at midnight?

  8. Quote Originally Posted by mrchristian View Post
    Is the sale going to be up right at midnight?

  9. atomic meltdown is only $10.

  10. What?! Where do you see this!?

    Edit: Nevermind. Im blind.

  11. My pants just got tighter...

  12. I missed last years shenanigans, but there is no way I am going to miss this.
    M.Ed. Ex Phys

  13. is it embarassing that i got an erection reading this? Deployed blogging

  14. Quote Originally Posted by Outside Backer View Post
    is it embarassing that i got an erection reading this?
    We can just blame it on the avatars. Whether it was mine, Hank's or Iron Lungz's, you don't need to tell

  15. I would also like to sincerely thank everyone for a successful 2008! We couldn't have grown throughout the years without the loyal support of our valued customers. In honor of all of you, we're digging deep going no holds barred for this sale. We're loading you guys up in every way possible and willing to sell things at our cost with the 20% off coupon.

    If you enjoy these deep savings, and would like to continually see sales of this magnitude, please email all your friends and co-workers who are also interested in bodybuilding and fitness supplements regarding this sale. We will also be sending out a mass email to all AM members, please keep a lookout for it and feel free to forward it to all you know. Our main objective is to acquire as many new customers as possible, and with your help we can create a word of mouth viral campaign making this sale a HUGE success!

    Lastly, I also encourage you to please support our featured company sponsors who helped make this sale a reality; without their contributions this sale would not have been possible.

    Thank you all for your continued help and support--Team NutraPlanet looks forward to growing another year older with you in 2009!

  16. And In Honour Of The Sale, We're Finally Rolling Out....

    Blender Bottle (28 oz) By: Sundesa

    The old blender bottle price, now with a great new look! Sport the NP logo and a great new chrome top. (as you can see, this is clearly the picture of the old blender bottle. I'll upload one when I get mine with my order, or maybe someone at HQ could snap a photo )

    Directions for Usage: Shake Strong, Shake Often, and Shake Proud

  17. Why cant you guys just put the sale up now! Why must we wait?! Is it to get the sales in next year's I/S?

  18. The wait time is required to make the adage true; Good things come to those who wait

    I know the longer I wait, the more I supersize my order. The 100g Green Tea Powder --> 500g, same with the ALCAR. Might as well add some Beta Alanine to help get me to the 15% discount, and then it's all downhill from there Visions of Kilo's of Leucine, Coconut Oil, BCAA's and Sugarplum Fairies all dance in my head!

  19. Quote Originally Posted by Steveoph View Post
    The wait time is required to make the adage true; Good things come to those who wait
    Yeah, kinda like the 2 minutes of bliss while losing your virginity...

    We are patient, Steveo - but when we hear of such a massive sale, we get excited... down there.

  20. I'll be getting a free hoodie....

  21. This thread is going to a strange place I dare not venture...

  22. wow im shocked that USPLabs isnt doing anything spectacular

  23. Am I reading this wrong or is everything only 10% off if you spend $100? What about orders under $100? Most likely I'll spend more than that ha! Just wondering though.


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