NutraPlanet's New Year's Sale Extravaganza!!!

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  1. what time zone's midnight will the sale start at?

  2. Quote Originally Posted by Nightwanderer View Post
    what time zone's midnight will the sale start at?

    Eastern Standard Time
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  3. Support Stack (2 Cycle Support + 1 Post Cycle Support)
    By: Anabolic Innovations

    Taurine Powder (100 gm)
    By: NutraPlanet

    Diesel Test 2010 (100 tabs)
    By: Get Diesel

    Sunami (60 Tablets)
    By: Get Diesel

    JP8 (1.88 lbs) Grape Flavor
    By: Get Diesel

    BCAA's (500 grams)
    By: NutraPlanet

    Total so far - $221.77
    Strongest On The Market
    RECOVERBRO: Est. Post #3222

  4. aaaaaa

  5. Is the AI post cycle support in stock?

  6. Quote Originally Posted by sumbum801 View Post
    so if a product is out of stock are we still going to be able to continue to check out? or are we forced to remove it from out order to proceed?
    Some items we are allowing to oversell and others we are should be able to checkout even if a certain item is out of stock, but if the site is not allowing you to checkout, one (or more) of the items we cannot oversell, therefore you will have to remove those items.

  7. Quote Originally Posted by sumbum801 View Post
    is there going to be any more incarnate by tonight?
    Allowed to oversell

  8. Im getting errors when I try to add usp stuff to cart, Im trying to build my shopping list, Ive been able to add a few other things, ibe, gaspari, rpn, but I havent tried every product, can one of you guys check it please. I want to be ready if/when I decide to pull the trigger.
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  9. which items and what error message are you getting?

  10. currently cannot checkout with items that are oversold (i.e. TNT) I am guessing this will take effect at 12 tonight? ( also the coupons will start then as well as they are not working for me now?)

  11. When I try to add to cart, recreate or anabolic pump I get this:

    We're sorry, but something went wrong.

    We've been notified about this issue and we'll take a look at it shortly.
    PHF Rep

  12. Quote Originally Posted by Steveoph View Post
    Like the above poster said, it's not taken out of the system until you checkout. Otherwise I could add all 43 Puresap to my cart at the stroke of midnight and become public enemy #1
    Where is puresap on Nutra????

  13. what about shock therapy??

  14. Quote Originally Posted by Uncle Ralph View Post
    Where is puresap on Nutra????
    that hasn't been loaded yet...

  15. Works now, good fix, just in time:

    Do I get a cookie for findin a problem?


    PHF Rep

  16. Quote Originally Posted by RoadBlocK View Post
    Works now, good fix, just in time:

    Do I get a cookie for findin a problem?


    Thanks for the lookout. Here's your reward...DON'T BUY ANABOLIC PUMP AND RECREATE!

    buy this instead:

  17. I just saved you $20 plus whatever coupon savings...WOW! Now where's my cookie...LOL!

  18. WARNING: The deals just keep getting better and better! Everyone please remember to take a look at the sales announcement again before you checkout because you may find deals like the USPLabs Sixpack Stack (Limited Supply Only!) that will save you even more. Also, I'm about to add the Neovar sale and LG Sciences PH Stack that saves you $$$ and is exclusive to NP!

  19. Quote Originally Posted by stryder View Post
    Thanks for the lookout. Here's your reward...DON'T BUY ANABOLIC PUMP AND RECREATE!

    buy this instead:

    Ask a silly question........

    I have so much ap on hand, between what Ive bought and what I won in the big contest I could build a shed with it.

    But that combo price is a great deal by itself, and with the free YRD, its insane to pass up on the two product combo(does it come with 2 YRDs?, lol, now Im being greedy, lol)

    Now I have to decide wether I want Havoc at the sale price or Epistane at the already low price, or lots of both, decisions...decisions...oh my wallet is gonna be hurtin more than my head will be tomorrow!!!!!!!!!

    PHF Rep

  20. o man i might have to bust out the credit card for this one.

  21. Hey guys..I've been out of the game for 6 months or so, but definitely want to get in on this sale. What is the best fat burner out there right now?

  22. Some great savings, hmmm might have to take advantage

  23. Atomic Meltdown Question???

    That price has me interested, I wanna take it for the napalm in it. But i see its a tanning product too.

    I'm black so it should come as no shock to you that i have ABSOLUTELY NO knowledge about tanning products.

    My question is does this stuff darken your skin upon application or do you need to expose it to sun/tanning bed for it to darken your skin?

  24. Save $60 Exclusively at NutraPlanet with this potent Prohormone Stack

    LG Sciences Ultimate Prohormone Stack

  25. Neovar 50% OFF during SALE!!!

    Only an hour and a half to go: tick, tock, tick, tock...

  26. You guys are killing me! Must show....restraint!!!!

  27. So there will be a 10% discount on everything, including items under $100?

    Any other companies that are in the mix that have yet to be revieled?

  28. No, 10% coupons is only valid for product totals (not including shipping or tax) over $100. The 10%, 15%, and 20% off coupons apply to everything on the site including featured company promotions, clearance items, and existing sales once the order total reaches $100. Sorry for the confusion...1 hours to go

  29. damn nice sale

  30. Is Anabolic innovations running any big sales?


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