Can Drug-Busters Beat New Steroids

  1. Can Drug-Busters Beat New Steroids

    "The arms race is bound to intensify. Many drug testers believe that within a few years, desperate athletes will try to alter their genes so that they don't need designer drugs. It's not sci-fi: Gene-therapy techniques that some biotech companies are developing to fight cancer and other diseases could be adapted to this end. Rogue doctors might, for example, inject an athlete with a virus rejiggered to deliver the gene that makes erythropoeitin (EPO) -- a protein that boosts the production of oxygen-carrying red blood cells. Right now, there is a test to detect synthetic versions of the protein, which some athletes take to improve their stamina. But if gene therapy were used to prime the body's natural EPO production, tests might not spot it."
    Found this interesting, its a good read.

  2. Eat chocolate, lose weight

    Can you say "n-coumaroyldopamine"? Very hard to say I know. This is a compound you may want to become familiar with. It is a anologue compound that occur naturally in chocolate(Theobroma Cocoa) are potent beta-adrencoceptor5 agonists. Beta-agonists assist in weight loss by stimulateing metabolic rate and ultimatlely causing fat loss, while providing one side effect of muscle retention. N-coumaroyldopamine and its naturally occuring cousins increase cyclic AMP (camp) production, even at rest. So, since this ingredient occurs in chocolate, expect supplement companies to develop new supplements using this potentially powerful fatloss agent.

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