Help me get my Girlfriend ABS!

  1. Help me get my Girlfriend ABS!



  2. what her diet macros and cardio regimen?

    is she using any fat burners or voodoo?
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  3. kniinini

  4. Quote Originally Posted by Sparta12 View Post
    yeah thats what im thinking, she will up the calories to 1500 soon once she gets to her goal weight and im trying to convince her to take bcaas and protein shakes .
    she doesnt take any fat burners or anything
    hows her libido? Is she missing any periods or goofy stuff like that? Is she lethargic?

    whats her cardio routine and duration?
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  5. nininni

  6. Without knowing macros hard to tell what to change.

    But cycling carbs could help.

  7. Quote Originally Posted by Sparta12 View Post
    Libido is really good cardio is like hiit training, rower/cross trainer/ running goes for about an hour. Everything else is normal
    kk good to hear, surprised libido hasn't dropped / is still around.

    get her eating carbs again, I'd prolly do 1g per lb on her training days and like ~40ish on her off days for starters.

    try 3-4 sessions of HIIT. like 15 sprints @ 15seconds.

    I'd also start her at E/C/A or E/C/Y y= Yohimbine 2.5 do that at 2 doses a day for a week and see how she's feeling. Is she having a refeed/ binge day at least once a week ??
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