Just starting

  1. Just starting

    I'm 22 6'2 and 250 pounds I want to drop 50 pounds and I just quit smoking and started running any advice for workouts or supplements?

  2. And I'm lookin to gain mass in my arms chest and back and slim up my mid secession

  3. Research around, plenty of info on here.

    70% of dropping that 50 pounds will come down to diet, so get that sorted first. If your new to training, you may well gain some mass along with the drop in bodyfat, but for the moment you should be focusing on a calorie deficet to cut the fat.

    Working out your daily calorie maintenance level (google it, heaps of formulas out there) is a good start. Subtract 20-30% off that for your daily calorie aim. E.g if your maintenance was 3000 calories, you should aim somewhere between 2100-2400 calories a day to begin with.
    Eat clean foods, low GI, plenty of greens. Don't obsess over the macros (yet), just make sure your getting lots of protein and that you keep carbs moderate, especially on days your not working out. Have a cheat meal at least once a week.

    For training, do some research, but basically lift heavy, compound movements (No high rep bull**** unless your doing a circuit for aerobic purposes) Dont focus on particular muscle groups...lots of people new to training do endless bench presses, curls etc and look top heavy or disproprotionate before long. Try to build the body as a unit with compound lifts like squats, deadlifts, bench and pullups/chins forming the basis of your workouts. But there are heaps of options here, have a look around.

    And most of all, enjoy the process of getting healthy and fit and active again =) dont stress over the details too much.
    good luck mate

  4. Thanks I'm already kind of top heavy from wrestling in high school and I've already start dieting as well.

  5. whats your diet like?

  6. Weight watchers not a member or anything just doin the point system eatin more greens and less carbs

  7. Quote Originally Posted by brettbigboy View Post
    I'm 22 6'2 and 250 pounds I want to drop 50 pounds and I just quit smoking and started running any advice for workouts or supplements?
    My advice is start getting a strict diet. Consuming Food is everything when trying to lose weight *ironic*.

    What I mean about this is that food can help you achieve just about any goal. In losing weight you probably want to comprise a diet plan high in protein, fiber, and minerals. The hard part is cutting out alot of the tasty non essential fats that we consume everyday. If you want me to comprise a strict diet for ya with the amount of protein you carbs, essential fats, oils, minerals etc for ya i will need more information.

    As I said before alot of ppl that just start out arent willing to change their diet but once motvated you will start seeing some good results.

    Okay now supplement wise (The reason why i stated food first is because with poor diet and unhealthy lifestyle supplements are worthless and you wont be getting the most benefits that should get from them)

    Supplement for goals:

    I would first get an 100% Whey product ( You dont want all the horsecrap alot of manufacters add in their whey to fool the human eye of gaining muscle size vs fat on the muscle size )

    Supplement fiber
    I say this becuase alot of high fiber foods contain lignans... What are those? In lamest terms foods that contain high estrogenic content and the less estrogen you can hold back from easier it shouldbe in losing weight

    Okay now fiber is a thing i like to add in diet is becuase it helps in lowering blood sugar levels which leads to less production of glucose from the liver, lower insulin, less retention of fat cells

    Vitamin B

    Okay so alot of ppeople can easily get up and move and go to the gym if they had the motivation to do it. But in your case it seems like you are motivated and with that motivation comes with needing energy to support it. Vita B is great in energy production, replenishment etc and has alot more benefits that comes along in fat loss as well. I will go into more detail if you want me to just let me know


    Most all multivitamins are essential but in your case look for one with a fat burner content including with it

    Fat Burner

    Now becuase this is natural forum there are many non stimulant or herbal extract (i.e Green tea) that can help with fat loss, be careful not be influced by marketing but by the contents that are being marketed

    There are a lot more that could be added but for that that simple enough. Like i said i can go more into depth on a topic just let me know

    Next is now Cardio / Fitness / Some form of non laziness activity
    (What i mean by non laziness activity is i told someone on another board Cardio Fitness or some activity and they picked some activity and it was gaming and they were thinking they were working out while playing Xbox Call of Duty)

    So Workout Plan! Are you looking to gain muscle? Lose weight and keep muscle bulk? or just plan weight loss?

    Working out is a good form of fitness. You dont have to blast your azz off in the weight room looking for a powerlifting championship
    but keeping focus finding that happy medium and working hard will do you good

    Also cardio! Basketball/ running, etc whatever you need to do do it everyday for atleast 45-60mins a day doesnt have to be just running on treadmill which bores the crap out me as i look on the seconds tick. But playing basketball, swimming, cycling, dancing all the fun things that you can do for hours can also be a good form of cardio

    Losing weight is not a complicated of a topic that so many ppl make it into. With the right mental, physical, and intraphyscial work/focus ethic it can be easy as giving candy to a baby

    PM or reply if you want me to go into a more details on a topic that i talked about!!!

    Dont karate slap my post plz


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