Looking for some criticism

  1. Looking for some criticism

    I am 5'7 and 174 lbs, created a workout program and was wondering if there are any obvious mistakes I am making. I been lifting on and off for a couple years, but I'm always looking to learn more, and this is my first program that I made my self. I take Optimum nutrition whey protein, Creatine monohydrate, multivitamin, and NO X-plode. My diet is pretty balanced with lots of whole grains, lean meats, and some good fats. My goal is kind of a hybrid purpose, that might be a mistake in itself, but I was hoping this program would add some mass(like 10 more lbs), but mainly tone up and possibly trim some fat off. So here's the routine:

    WEEK 1: 2 sets/10-15 reps
    MON(legs)-squat, stiff leg dead lift, leg press, calf raises, leg extensions, hamstring curls

    TUE(chest,tri)- flat barbell bench press, incline BB bench press, decline smith press, db flys, skull crushers, overhead db extensions, rope pulldown, close grip bench press

    WED(back)- deadlift, reverse bent over row, pulley row, pull ups, lat pulldown

    THUR(biceps)- standing EZ bar curl, incline db curl, reverse EZ bar curl, preacher curls, db curls

    FRI(shoulders)- military press, BB upright row, front db raises, side db raises
    Rest on sat/sun

    Week 2: 3 sets/8-10 reps
    Week 3: 4 sets/6-8 reps
    Week 4: 4 sets/4-6 reps
    Week 5: repeat sets/reps cycle for another 4 weeks starting with week 1 again

  2. if I were you Id combine back and biceps (and reduce the biceps volume slightly) and take thursday off. Also you have no trap work, add in some traps with shoulders, some hang cleans and barbell/db shrugs should work fine.

    Another thing, your hybrid concept is kind of flawed. You lift to get bigger and stronger, you can do extra cardio to help you tone up, but overall your workout looks fine.

  3. I have tried to train hard for 5 days in a row each week. I would get so broke down by Thurs that I felt like a 90yr old man.....If you're off and on, just don't get burnt out. Overtraining can lead to just as many mental excuses as physical excuses for skipping for the day. Legs on Monday could make your legs hurt all week-I myself can't wait 7 days between leg workouts....I just get too sore. If you can, then great. Just be truthful to yourself. Main thing is to not ever stop!

  4. Changing the workout routine will be give some different results, check this out.

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