just ordered assault, will i get the old formula or the new one?

  1. just ordered assault, will i get the old formula or the new one?

    just went into the local nutra vietamen or what ever it is, and had them get me a bottle of assault, it should be here friday...since they're getting it in for me, as in its not a old bottle on the shelf, will i be getting the new hardcore version or is there a chance its the old kind?

  2. If it is a major retailer than your going to get a new bottle, if it is a mom and pop type shop then there might be a chance you get the old version but its pretty slim.

  3. alright nice, since the prices are so low on bodybuilding.com i could possibly purchase a stack of assault, battle fuel and recon, or maybe just assault and battle fuel

  4. Honestly man, if you can afford Recon go with that first. The results from Recon are amazing alone and even better when you add in Assault. Battle Fuel is great as well but the other two really should be the foundation of your stack. Now if you want to go all out then get all three and get ready to just kill it in the gym, but if you haven't tried just the Recon and Assault before I would say go with that first and the add Battle Fuel in down the road.

  5. got woken up to a call at 8 a.m from a guy who wanted my car parts, sooooo i got some extra cash and ordered assualt, battle fuel, and recon today

    but how should i take the battle fuel with the assault? i saw on a diff post you said battle fuel 1 hours before gym and assault 30 mins befor gym, and then recon right after? what if i eat then take battle fuel? or assault? are these food sensitive? on some of these pre workout stuff it says to take on empty stomach or 30 mins after a meal ?

  6. Eating is really up to you, it will take away from the kick of the Assault and Battle Fuel but you will still get the cumulative effects. I personally eat about 60-90 minutes before taking Assault, that has been about the sweet spot for me.

  7. alright, was i correct on the times to take them befor working out?

  8. Yeah, thats a good place to start. You can play with the times a little bit to see what works best for you.


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