Anybody know about CFC: Combat Fighting Championships

  1. Anybody know about CFC: Combat Fighting Championships

    CFC is coming to UCF this weekend in Orlando and I can't find the card for it anywhere. I tried their website, but my connection here at work sux soI can't get any info off of it.

  2. CFC1 July 15th Orlando, FL UCF Arena
    Brian Eckstein Vrs Mike Morris

    Jason Carapelluci Vrs Bruce Connors

    Mitch McElroy Vrs Adam Bragdon

    Andy McKelvin Vrs Nate Lovelace

    Carlos Gonzalez Vrs Eric Strickland

    Zach Knight Vrs Jeremy Parrish

    Jonathan Brookins Vrs Alan Berubie

    Chris Holder vrs Nate Ford

    Jessica Aguilar vrs Linday Ketchum

    Mike Buckovich Vrs Brandon Quigley

    Chandler Belaston Vrs Jose Figuroa

    Josh Bethea Vrs Ron Kahn

    Rafael Santos Vrs Jeremy May

    Mikey Gomez Vrs Roger Krahl

    Ben Saunders Vrs Keny Stevens

    Junior Assuncao vrs TBD

  3. Thanks bro! I tried to rep you for that but it said that I had to spread the love around before repping you again...I don't remember repping you the first time

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