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  1. Quote Originally Posted by stxnas
    Don't get me wrong, Matt seems like a nice guy and all, but I would like to see Bisping pound him! Matt's chin might be a little suspect acting the way he did...but who am I to judge? I flinch just watching this ****!

    Tito seems to see a lot of potential in Matt (and rightfully so), so I wouldn't be surprised if he ends taking him in his camp like some of the past coaches have done with other TUF fighters.

    Edit: I don't really think suspect chin is what I was trying to say...not sure how to word it, but I think Matt's in for a surprise when he gets into the ring. It seems like he's never really been hit hard before.
    I agree with that (not the part about wanting to see him get his ass kicked though ).
    I dont know how good of a fighter he is, but hopefully the fight will be fun to watch. A lot of them have been kind of lame, so who knows.

    What I heard from my friend (my good friend wrestled with matt's best friend's brother) is that the way Matt was selected was that he was a bouncer in a bar and there was a big bar fight and the other 2 bouncers tried to break it up, but werent able to do anything. Then Matt went in and started tossing people around and it happened to be it was when some UFC heads were at that bar and saw it all go down so they asked him to do the show.

  2. I dunno, theres sometimes a mental part to being able to take a hit. I got hit in the eye in a fight with my glasses and it bent the frame and popped the plastic lense out. It hurt but I was too mad to care. he started backing away from me taking reaching swings but I wanted to KHTFO. He took me to the ground and wrapped me up and had he not pulled off of me and left me alone when he did, I'd have F'ed him up bad.

    sometimes you just gotta not care that you have pain. But hey we'll see cuz the only way to find out is to wait till they mix it up in the Octagon.

  3. yeah I know what you mean. I have semi-heavy hands but they'll put you in a world of hurt. My grandfather boxed in the Navy and always said if you want to do the most damage get in his face and then punch him, I can testify to that when I hit a bag. I'm built like a Linebacker but a notable thing is it's not just my fists a guy needs to be concerned about, it's my knees.. I found out on my friends bag I have knees that will re-arange a person's intestines. But like I said I have eye sight problems.

  4. Quote Originally Posted by italionstallion
    I agree with that (not the part about wanting to see him get his ass kicked though ).
    I'm not saying that b/c I don't like the kid, but b/c I like Bisping more. Honestly, I'm pretty interested in seeing Matt do well...just not if he and Bisping somehow end up matched up...that guy cracks me up.

    Quote Originally Posted by Rogue Drone
    Handling hits to a non nerve center like the cheekbone is a learned skill that requires hard sparring to develop, handling hits to nerve centers like the edge of the chin is mostly genetic, a sensitivity (Vitali Klitscheko, Arlovski?) or Insensitivity (Fedor, Silva, Hunt) that can't be truly overcome with training.
    Great point! If you have a weak chin you can't do much but hope to defend that big blow. Who knows, Matt could have a chin like Cabbage, but he's probably never been hit real hard to know. It should be interesting to see him match up with a striker that can keep it on their feet for a while.

  5. i didnt like kendall cause i thought he was not representing hawaii well at first but i'd like to see him win now. who is the other guy in his weight class? btw. shamrock got his ass handed to him by tito that's why he's so mad...or embarrassed.

  6. There are four middleweights left: Kalib, Rory, Ed, and Kendall.

  7. rory got so lucky his fight even he was surprised.

  8. yeah that was luck. why is it the fans and the judges always disagree as to who really won the fight?

  9. And all of the MMA fans said...Amen

  10. I'm looking forward to Matt and Mike fighting. Im rooting for Mike just because he's from Denver and I got my last tattoo at his shop, not by him though. I read an article about him and he said his fight was the bloodiest fight, so another reason to look forward to the fight.

  11. Anybody think last nites fight looked like a tuff man competition not an UFC fight?

  12. One of the worst, most sloppy fights I've ever seen. I was far from impressed with either of those guys. Neither one of them can strike for **** and or showed anything great grappling-wise.

    If Matt is going to be the next champion like Tito thinks, he's got a LONG LONG road to walk.

  13. would have been alot better fight if mike actually did what shamrock was telling him and kicked and knee'd him more.....obviously...if you suspect a guy is going to bring you to the floor whenever he can because he is a great wrestler.....and he doesnt.....the first thing that would go through my mind is "whats wrong with him" and "he is not going to the floor at all" and then i would start thinking what would have to happen to not want to go to the mat with me....and while i was trying to figure it out...i would be kicking and kneeing the ****e out of him until i figure out what is wrong with him.....but thats my opinion.....

    mike could have won if he would have just did what shamrock told him....dont go toe to toe....only throw counters.....and knee and kick the ****e out of him.....especially with his legs and arms being so long.....i would have kept him at a distance and just blasted him.

  14. That fight was so ****ty I dont even know what to say. I was clearly expecting more from Matt, but oh well. Now we know what he is really like in MMA/UFC, and it is not impressive at all.

  15. Quote Originally Posted by Sir Savage
    Neither one of them can strike for **** and or showed anything great grappling-wise.
    Totally agree.

  16. yet another episode that i missed. they rerun them all at the end... did they say who fights next week?

  17. no havent said since its the semi finals now

  18. That blows. I missed it. wonder who's fightin next?

  19. Matt didnt look in good shape, but being he is a wrestler, it was an impressive fight. Or maybe Mike is the ****tiest boxer ever. The supposedly one dimensional wrestler out struck that guy about as much as you can.

  20. yup I kinna agree about the weakness after adrinaline. it sucks. It's a miracle you can stand up after it's gone away.

  21. also was suprised at the complete lack of stamina of those guys.....half way through the first round they both looked worn out....

  22. It looked like these guys had stage fright. The tatoo guy especially. I can't beleive he was a jiu jitsu specialist. He missed chokes and arm bars all day and seemed overwhelmed and exhausted. I have been there in other sports as a youth. All power just leaves your body and your thinking way to much. I think if they fought again it would be much better. They both were willing to take and dish punishment. My 2 cents

  23. Quote Originally Posted by Rogue Drone
    I thought Matt did pretty well considering, that was probably the first standup fight he was ever in, ring or street, and he chose to not use any ground attack because of the, unreasonable?
    Actually, I'm pretty sure this last episode said that Matt has won two MMA fights and one was by knock out. Regardless of experience for either fighter I would have to agree that they both seemed to gas really quickly. Matt didn't look like a real good striker, but he seems to have heavy hands b/c his sloppy punches really did some damage. If he knew anything about the ground game he could applied a RNC many times b/c Mike was giving up his back a lot...and Mike took one or two solid hits and was a deer in headlights after that...all in all it was a rather lackluster fight. At least now there is still a chance of seeing Bisping vs Hamil though. Now we have to wait and see how the next fights are decided...maybe the fighters will get to vote on it...
  24. tattoopierced1
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    very sloppy fight. I think if matt could hear, he would have done better by taking advice from his corner. His hands were down the whole time, punches were sloppy and relativly slow, but he connected to him so I guess it doesnt matter. I was not impressed with Mike at all...he seemed to be all talk, kind of like the red headed kid who thinks he is a bad ass...he wont make it past the semi's...

  25. I would'nt compare those two. Ed Herman is a pretty good fighter, and has a good chance to win the whole thing. Nichols was a train wreck. Herman didn't look great in that last fight, but he's fought a lot of tough guys and has a win over Dave Menne among a few others. I can't stand the guy, but he is a good fighter.

  26. Some of you may already know this, but you can watch all the episodes of TUF at Subfighter in the multimedia forum at the top. I'm a total newb to MMA, so I've been starting to read around there to learn a bit.

    I might even try to train a bit if I can find a place nearby. I don't think I'll compete (wouldn't look good--I'm a teacher), but I am definitely impressed with the skill and athleticism of the elites. I used to think it was all just senseless violence, which I am not a fan of.

  27. ^^^Rich Franklin is a teacher, people shouldn't have a problem with it.

  28. Working with urban kids at a school that has a deliberate message of steering kids away from the violence of the streets would definitely conflict with getting busted up in a ring. Honestly, I also doubt that I'd have the balls to compete, which is all the more reason that I admire the guys who can do it. But you can only appreciate so much without understanding the technical aspects. I love music, but I know I can't appreciate it the same way a guy like Unicorn Spawn can, because I don't have the technical understanding. Beyond appreciating technique, I'd also like to be as capable as possible of handling a situation.

    On the topic of TUF, the difference between these guys and the pros is noticeable, even to me. I watched Tait vs. Josh earlier, and I was able to pick out spots where Josh would have been all done if he were fighting an accomplished submission fighter. He gave Tait his neck, but Tait didnt' have the presence of mind to take it. There is a lot going on that I don't understand; I'm intrigued.

  29. Damn Ultimate Fighter is off the chain. Mike should really be getting ass kicked from Ken Shamrock's team.

  30. I think that I want to get into Ultimate Fighting myself. I think I want to learn Krav Maga, Thai Kickboxing and Shoalin Kung FU.

  31. Matt Hamlin kicked ass and could have ended the fight early several times. I hope the dude is ok though. He doesn't look good.

  32. Quote Originally Posted by asap nutrition
    I think that I want to get into Ultimate Fighting myself. I think I want to learn Krav Maga, Thai Kickboxing and Shoalin Kung FU.
    shaolin kung fu doesnt work in MMA, period. unless you learn sometype of pressure point paralyzer death touch move

  33. I was a Shamrock fan until the Ultimate Fighter. His training techiques and people skills seem a little weak. I don't think he's done any of his fighters any good.

  34. Quote Originally Posted by asap nutrition
    I think that I want to get into Ultimate Fighting myself. I think I want to learn Krav Maga, Thai Kickboxing and Shoalin Kung FU.
    You're frickin kidding right??

  35. Quote Originally Posted by KDogg
    I was a Shamrock fan until the Ultimate Fighter. His training techiques and people skills seem a little weak. I don't think he's done any of his fighters any good.
    agreed, what a shetty coach. he doesnt seem like he really teaches his fighters anything

  36. What bugs me about Shamrock is that he sticks to his schtick of "i've been in this game for 15 years, yadda, yadda" but doesn't help them to become better fighters... in fact he lets them bang each other up putting them at risk of an injury before they have to fight. And instead of bringing in a grappling coach (which may have been the difference between winning and losing for a couple of his fighters), he brings in a bodybuilder to assist him. What a joke he is...

  37. sikdogg is that avatar looks familiar...................

    is that your wife?

  38. My specialties would include (if I had any others except street fighting where anything goes) Krav Maga, Thai Kickboxing, and Russian Martial Arts, maybe Grappling (I've heard Russian Martial Arts is very ground based, and free formed)

  39. Anyone know if it's the 205ers or the 185ers semi-final tonight?

  40. Quote Originally Posted by pistonpump
    sikdogg is that avatar looks familiar...................

    is that your wife?
    Yea, it's my wife... it would really suck if you've actually seen that tat and thong up close in person. She'd have some splain'n to do...


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