Opinions on Ivan Salaverry---looking to get into MMA now

  1. Thumbs up Opinions on Ivan Salaverry---looking to get into MMA now

    This is his gym: Ivan Salaverry - Ultimate Fighting Champion: MMA Gym

    I've done a variety of martial arts over the years but always got discouraged at the lack of applicability (that and an egotistical sensei on power trips can be discouraging). So, I've found this MMA gym. Thoughts and feedback from the more experienced would be appreciated.
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  2. go for it man, looks very interesting

  3. Ivan is a great MMAist. His ground game is very good and he is a very savvy vet of the game. He will be able to teach you a tremendous amount of technique and he has connections with much of the MMA scene.
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  4. Cool. Thanks.
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    -=The Big Squirrel Nut Swingers=-

  5. Do you actually receive instruction from Ivan though? I know the gym may claim such but most of the time it isn't the case and you'll have to pay for privates. 3 month Commitment Required is a bit steep too, and what happens if you are injured or contract staph and cannot train for a month? I cannot comment on the gym as I haven't heard anything about it. AMC Pankration is near Seattle and people speak very highly of Matt Hume and I have firsthand experience with his instruction and he is a superb instructor. Either one is likely to be a good choice so let us know how your experience goes.

  6. What did you decide to do?
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  7. Solid choice. Plus, if your plans include actually competing in MMA events, the connections with Ivan will carry weight with NW promotions.

  8. Ivan Salaverry is a very accomplished fighter. Unfortunately, the prime of mma can after the prime of his career. However as noted, some schools are affiliated with a certain person but the person may never actually train anyone.


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