Low LH , Fsh are you eating enough?

  1. Low LH , Fsh are you eating enough?

    I just wanted to try and help you guys out. I have suffered from secondary hypogonadism for 4 years and it was due to my low calorie starvation diets while also weight training ,calorie range between 1500-2200 . This amount of calories is way to low for any man especially if you work out several times a week. I will never ever again in my life go below 2500 even if I am trying to get shredded. I have talked to one man online that started calorie restriction and the first thing he lost was his sex drive his testosterone levels went from 550 to 49 and LH & Fsh went down to an undetectable range within months , and he was eating between 1800-1900 calories a day and didnt workout. Guys please take this what I am saying here seriously I know alot of guys on here are probably working out alot and not eating enough and its causing your reproductive system to shut down thats the bodys response to conserve energy. Do the research online. I cant believe doctors dont look into this when a man is presented in there office with secondary hypogonadism. They can test for leptin it will show if your body is in starvation mode conserving energy it shows when leptin levels are low or they can give you a leptin shot to see if you reproductive system turns on increased Lh/Fsh. They gave leptin inj to several young women that had lost there menstruation for years and after being injected with leptin they started menstruating again. These women where yo-yo dieting it caused there reproductive system to shutdown. Let me tell you a month ago I started eating again like 3200 calories a day and I can tell you it worked like hcg my testicles went down and sex drive thru the roof morning woods again and feeling great actually look even leaner than before. I know guys that live on and off steroids but eat normally and have 5 kids and dont have any problems but they eat and eat. I would also recommend that you eat fat in your diet I eat high fat meat , butter , olive oil , fruits , vegetables, grains sometimes. Dont cut out saturated fats you need them. Another good story I had a girl friend that was a model and she would hardly eat to stay slim well she lost her period for a whole year when she started eating again she got it back. Dont think you have to be bones and skin to be in conservation mode (reproductive system shut down) your body slows the metabolism way before you look like that and makes more out of the little food you give it, so you could look normal and have a normal body weight but still be in conservation mode from eating to little. Well I hope this helps...... Thanks Pete.

  2. Its an interesting point you make, in the past i used to to eat a load of junk food and fatty foods and always had a wild sex drive however when i cleaned my diet up and started dieting my sex drive went. I dieted quite hard for 2-3 years with phases of doing lots of cardio(90 mins twice a day) and weights 4-5 times per week. I had some blood work done and my LH and FSH and total test were all low(1.7,1.5 and 275). I upped my calories to around 2500 from about 2000 and saw a jump in LH,FSH and total T(2.7,2.5 and 540) I have since been aiming for around the 3000c mark and started to inc things like egg yolkes, nuts and zinc in my diet and my balls defintily increased in size, i havent had any blood work done recently but i would guess i am around the 600-700 mark now which is an improvement. So based on my personal expirences i would say diet certinally plays a part.
    Another thing is to not get to hung up on numbers of test levels etc, i used to think anything less than 800 or so and i was doomed. different levels for different people. nobody is the same.

  3. Quote Originally Posted by testodan View Post
    Keep on with your starvation diet you will never recover your T levels.

  4. Just echoing that this is very true (at least so I have heard). Sat fats are important, etc.

    God... if people would only ****ing look at their diet before they start relying on supplements.

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