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  1. Exclamation General Forum Rules


    Exchanges of opinions, views and ideas are encouraged and welcomed here at AM. Adversarial discourse is not. I can assure you all, like it or not, that this board is not like other boards in this regard.

    We are growing our Male Anti-Aging Medicine forum. If you would like to be a contributing member of it and can adhere to our rules of discourse we welcome you. If not we will ask you to leave.

    This forum is intended to be a pure Male Anti-Aging Medicine forum. Additionally the word pure is in reference to it remaining within moral, ethical and legal medical discussion. We know what discussion is contained throughout this board. Some of that discussion is to be left outside of this forum.

    Please be considerate and discreet in your topics and discussion in this forum.

    Please understand and respect these rules for they are not up for discussion or debate and will be enforced with extreme prejudice.

    Thank you

  2. You have my signature on this as well.

  3. Perhaps a special sticky warning people of the special subset of rules in this section?

  4. I am loosing my patience. I am going to address this more directly to make myself very clear.

    The Men's Anti-Aging Medicine Forum is for men to discuss Anti-Aging Medicine related discussion ONLY! This is not a forum to discuss post cycle therapy, HCG and/or any form or application otherwise of steroid use.

    You are free to ask your questions in the steroid forum and post cycle therapy forums. There is just as much information to be found in those forums regarding any one of your questions.

    I will make this very clear one more time. Do not come into this forum and ask for any assitance of any kind whatesoever on how to run any portion of your steroid cycles.

    I believe I have made myself very clear. I will very aggressively enforce any future indiscretions.

  5. Respect and consideration is a engangered species i'm afraid.

  6. Many of you new and old board members need to be reminded of these board rules.


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