List your positive effects of TRT, tone, better skin etc.

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  1. Try to get to a point where you can self administer at home. The convenience is unreal. 2-3 minutes out of your week to feel like a million bucks.

  2. Quote Originally Posted by HondaV65 View Post
    Hot Topic? You mean that TRT is the primary anti-aging technique? I disagree. There's lots of things that we talk about in this forum - TRT is just one. Just because this is the "anti-aging" forum - does that mean everyone needs to have a favorable opinion of TRT in every case that it's used or get the hell out of here?

    And yeah - it SHOULD be talked about. What I'm commenting on here is what I've observed as a general lack of curiosity among members for what CAUSES Low T. Why - at 50, do I have high levels while others in their late 30's need TRT due to low ones? If I were in my late 30's and had Low T - I'd want to know exactly why that was before jumping on TRT - and no, I would not accept ... "You're getting old" as a legitimate answer from a doctor.

    Watch the threads as they come up, bro - you will find guys practically celebrating the fact that they've tested low enough to get TRT. In very few cases will you find a guy past 35 scratching his head and saying ... "Well Doc says I need TRT - but WTF? He can't tell me why!" ... people just accept the answer they're given and go for the shots.

    No doubt - I will be on TRT one day - my goal is to hold out until I'm at least 70 though. Will I make it? Who knows? But I'd be on it tomorrow I'm sure if I took a negative self-defeating attitude about it.

    It's just this general attitude that everything has to go downhill so fast. It's like the old guys in my gym (who are five to ten years younger than me) who say ... "Oh I'm too old to build muscle - I just come in here to maintain". And then I tell them ... "I always come in to BUILD more muscle - no ****ing doctor is going to tell me I can't build more muscle at my age!"

    If you think you can't do it - you won't do it.

    Again - TRT is necessary for some people ... I'm not debating that. But ... if I were in the age range of anything below age 55 I'd ask the doctor why in the hell my test fell off - is something else wrong? Matrix has it dead on the money about taking a whole body approach to finding the causes of Low-T.
    Hundy we understand your point, but when your sitting @ under 300 ng/dl and the only thing out of balance is your T, you go for the Gel, the shots or the pellets so you can feel normal again. Your point is for the one young guy coming to this forum that thinks he is going to all of a sudden build huge muscles because he is on TRT, well lets face it that is not going to happen. Those guys will become educated quick enough once they begin TRT and figure that out. The question this guy asked in this thread is how has TRT improved your life, do you have any information on that subject to provide?

  3. I just got all my stuff via FedX, test, clomid, tomaixfen, HCG, Anastrazole, all my stuff for the next 10 weeks. I think I'll start tonight, I'm supposed to start at 200mg a week of test cyp, any idea how long it takes to feel it?

  4. It took me and the doc about 8 weeks to get it right. You'll likely feel 200mg in 24 hours.

  5. Quote Originally Posted by kisaj View Post
    It took me and the doc about 8 weeks to get it right. You'll likely feel 200mg in 24 hours.
    I did 100mg last night, I'll do another 100 on Wednesday. Its hard to tell right now if anything can be felt on a low dose, but I'll see as the day progresses. I'm also aware of placebo effects too, so I'll keep an honest journal.



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