Blood test 31 years old

  1. Blood test 31 years old

    Dear forum members,

    I am new here so short introduction: I'm 31, 1m83, weigh 105kg (16%Bf), working out for about a decade. At the start I weighed about 74kg. Never took any form of AS or prohormones (does not mean I'm against them).

    My problem:
    A year ago I quit using an SSRI (anti-depressant: Seroxat aka Paxil) after 3 years of being on. My libido was completely gone! Now, almost a year later, I still feel kinda depressed, very low libido (fewer morning wood, less hard erections) and stubborn body fat I did not have before. My progress has slowed down or gone backwards...
    I have a puffy look although my training intensity is high and my food intake monitored.

    After some weeks of waiting, I have the results of my blood test (taken at 9 AM) Please note that these are in the metric system (I'm European).

    I will give the different results and between brackets I'll put the lower and upper limit (lowlim and uplim) stated on the results.

    1) Free testosterone = 98,57 pg/mL (lowlim = 50,00 versus uplim = 280,00) NOTE: this was labeled as "calculated" by the lab because testing free testosterone together with the test.binding.glob was not allowed by the national social security insurance.

    2) Testosterone = 5,63 mcg/L (lowlim = 2,80 vs uplim = 11,00)

    3) Test.bind.globuline = 37 nmol/L (lowlim = 10 vs uplim = 57)

    4) Androstanediolglucuronide = 7,7 mcg/L (lowlim = 3,4 vs uplim = 22,0)

    5) Oestradiol = < 20 ng/L (male = uplim = 44)

    6) Oestron = 47 ng/L (lowlim = 15 vs uplim = 65)

    7) DHEA-sulfate = 264 mcg/dL (lowlim = 120 vs uplim = 520)

    8) Androstenedion = 1,52 ng/mL (lowlim = 0,50 vs uplim = 2,50)

    My doctor said everything was normal (normal family doctor).

    I am worried about the low free testosterone and quite high oestron levels.

    Some people warned me about the conservative opinions of our everyday doctors. So I am eager to hear about my results from people who know what they are talking about.

    Thanks in advance. I need to know what's wrong. My marriage is suffering and so is my self esteem.


  2. Im in the same way

    I think just TRT is going to help.

  3. Quote Originally Posted by cavaloman View Post
    Im in the same way

    I think just TRT is going to help.
    HRT is just a little part of the equation. The solution is looking into other areas which Dr's tend not to focus on such as adrenal, thyroid, lifestyle, nutrition, environmental, psychological, phyiscal imbalances. The trick is to find the pathology of the issue and attack it at the source if that is possible. With out proper evaluation through diagnostic testing it can be difficult, but can be done to some extent. Working with several hunderd's of dr's patients i have found that majority of the issues if they can be medically justified the patient could have avoided TRT if they where properly identified. The trick is to take the time and evaluate each person looking under every rock, using informatoin provided to come up with what is causing the symptoms. Majority of the time low T is just a symptom of a bigger issue which has not been found by the dr. Please find some one that looks at you as whole not just symptoms, but rather examing the root cause. People on TRT get better but only a few every get well..Just from looking at your results and little information you have provided there are several ideas that are churning in my head already.

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