low FSH and LH

  1. low FSH and LH

    been on hrt about a month taking 200 mg a week of test hcg and adex 1.5 iu of hgh 5on2off test free is now up to >50 from 7.3 and and serum 1500 from 441 LH 6.7 to .1 FSH 8.3 to .3 I feel pretty good but should LH and FSH be so low??? should i look into these low levels any advice would be appreciated

  2. LH and FSH are produced from the pituitary gland as a means to signal the gonads to do their thing. If your brain senses that your body has enough testosterone, it will let your pituitary know that, which will basically say ok, and shut down it's LH and FSH production.

    But I believe you are overdoing it with the meds. Half that dose of testosterone with a little adex is enough to get most severely hypo-gonadal men in a very good place in the range. The kicker is, your prior level of 441 was not severely hypogonadal.

    I suspect adex alone will get you from 441 to 600 or better (if your E2 had been elevated), while preserving your natural LH, FSH, and T production. But if you prefer drugs to do it all, that's your choice.

  3. holy crap 1500. ;o
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