Legit Canadian Pharmacy

  1. Legit Canadian Pharmacy

    Does anyone know why Canadian Pharmacies can sell so much cheaper? Can they be trusted?

  2. they can and should be trusted... their **** is awesome!! It costs so much less because most canadians have awesome health care and get their meds (brand name meds) much cheaper of completely covered. As such the canadian pharmacy can't rape their clients with high priced products like the american market.

  3. I'd have to ask my wife. She did a lot of research, and there are also sitesthat will do price searches for the different pharmacies, give user feedback, tell which ones are legit, etc.

    My son has seisures, and my crappy insurance at my new job doesn't cover much for prescriptions, so we would pretty much have to pay out of pocket for his medications. In the U.S. it would cost us over $2000 a month for his medicie.

    My wife did some research and bought his medicine from a Canadian pharmacy for about $160 a month. Big difference! I think that American pharmaceutical companies are plain evil and corrupt.

    I'll talk to my wife and find a link for you and post it.

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