isolating test out of Testim?

  1. isolating test out of Testim?

    First post guys... so be nice!

    I am in my late forties with low test (very low). My Dr prescribed 1 tube of Testim gel per day. I hate the fact that I have to rub on 50 mg of test and hope 5 mg get absorbed. My thought was that if I could isolate the testosterone out of the Testim gel, mix it with the proper amount of DMSO, I could then just put a drop or two on per day to get the amount needed to reach a normal level.

    My other option would be to try to find a source for test suspension or powder and do the same thing. But I already have a prescription for the gel......

    At 6' 6" and 235 lbs and an extremely low test reading I would think 10 mg would be closer to the needed amount anyway.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  2. I have heard that the shots are much better. You get them like once a week or 2 weeks. I have heard the effects are much better and it is much more convenient and less stinky.

  3. Many docs start off with the one tube..that is what mine did...but then after about two weeks your T levels may drop even more ( when your natural production shuts down) so they usually up it to two tubes.
    That is what i am on ( for the last 1.5 yrs) and it is working well.

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