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    I finished my first Trifecta cycle last week (including the Form ex). I have two questions. Can I go ahead and run the psarm or should I wait. also, I have more MMV2 left over than I would have expected. can I just finish up the bottle or save them for later? what's the protocol for "left over" supps?

  2. yes you can go ahead and run the pSarm...Wont be a problem

  3. Quote Originally Posted by Liftergym33 View Post
    yes you can go ahead and run the pSarm...Wont be a problem
    Agreed, I would wait to run the mmv2 again though

  4. I bridged into the Psarm during PCT, get me lean. Definitely save the MMV2 for another run . . . I have small amts of things I will run in the future. Maybe just bump up ur dose slightly if you want to finish the bottle.
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