4 week comparison BAM n JW -vs- HD n MassFX

  1. 4 week comparison BAM n JW -vs- HD n MassFX

    everyone is asking. Im here to tell ya of the 2

    SO I have been fortunate enough to have the opportunity to test both MASS FX HD combo from anabolic xtreme as well as running a comparison with ALRI's Jungle warfare and Bad ass Mass!. Im about to embark on my 5th week of Bam and JW so I figured at the 4th week mark I could best give a good comparison. This coupled with pm's and ??'s on the 2 stacks, I can help put out some answers. so without further ado:..............

    Just to note I ran mass fx in its infancy so there was no Divanil in it. as there is right now


    Glancing back thru my notebooks ive jotted down the things that i noticed on both stacks

    Over the course of both the stacks. Major changes in overall strength were very apparent in both stacks. Things started slowly at first but after week2 is when things began to kick in By 3rd and 4th week the poundages were increasing with each lift. Body composition was also apparent. Muscle hardness , fullness all day long and being veiny were things of noted. Labido Increase was very apparent by week 2 as was a increase in say a cockiness type ego. You just felt better about your self. The increase in labido is nice. But if your married it sucks because your wife doesn't get the same increase .

    Both products began to kick in at almost the same time ( 2 week mark) Weight gain was very close. On the first stack i ran HD and Mass fx i started at about 217 and finished off at 224 . I kept all strength and size from that stack. so i started 224 with BAM JW stack and today I weighed in at 231. But the overall increase in weight didnt happen until last week for me on Bam JW..

    Both Products worked as advertised muscle fullness, alpha male mentality, labido boost, strength and weight gain. All gains are quality kept gains there were evident up to 2 months after discontinuing use of mass and HD. Both products also need to be ran longer then 4 weeks to really really reap the benefits of the products. I honestly feel that 6-8 weeks is where it is at. Luckily i get to finish what i started and Ill be running BAM JW and restore for weeks 5 6 7 and 8.


    Though both products seem almost identical, there are a few differences as well. Some arent a big deal others may be.

    Price The Mass FX stack is more $$. with Divanil in the mass fx that may make it that much better I dunno. I do have a unopened bottle of the final product here but i havent used it with Divanil

    Dosing with the edge going to ALRI. HD I was dosing 4 pills a day and Mass FX was 6. JW is a 3 pill dosing and BAM is 2 pills 12 hrs apart. If convience was your thing then there ya go. To me not a big deal but im hitting details.

    Hunger On Mass FX and HD i was adding weight each week with ease. I had no problems eating food and I would wake up hungry as hell. on BAM and JW i didnt have that hunger. I thought I was doing something wrong but when myself and a few other loggers noted the same thing of practically forcing food down our throats I knew i was in the same boat. I honestly could go longer then 4 hrs without food if i needed to. ( not a good thing) SO i thing Bam and JW could rock with a cutting cycle .

    Lethargy On HD and Mass fx I noted like some others that lethargy throughout the day sucked. Some days you just felt tired and worn out. I didnt note very much lethargy if anything it was the opposite on JW and BAM it was actually keeping me up all night. God bless Fit for giving me Lean dreams!!!

    I noted I gained almost identical weight. in teh past week Ive added alot of body mass. it just came out of no where. which was a relief.


    Both of the stacks were a sucess for me. size strenght and power were each achieved and kept. Its nice to see in the post prohormone era that there is still quality product out there that can achive the smae results without destroying your liver. shrinking your nuts or having you chase down suppliers for certain PCT items.

    Both items are so close in performance it hard to lean toward one or the other. In My personal expereince. I think for me atleast bulking on massfx and HD would be easier and cutting on BAM and JW would also be easier for me.

    These are my personal experiences. My personal thoughts.

    each person is different, each lifting session is different, many variables come into play. what worked for me may not for you so

    results may vary, consult your doctor yadda yadda.

    Will I purchase any of these products in the future YES
    Both of these products deliver as advertised
    questions here I hope I can answer them to the best of my ability

  2. Good write up. I have the ALRI stack on its way and I am looking forward to it. Depending on the results I may look into the AX stack after that. Did you follow up with Restore? I have that coming as well.

  3. i tart restore bam and jw tommarow for a continuation of my current log

  4. Good stuff olb33! I was wondering abotu the differences between both of those stacks. I think very highly of both of those companies, and it good to know they both put out awesome products! I guess I wen't the right route this time in going with the JW/BAM, as I am trying to get lean again! Thanks for the great info and comparison !

  5. Shoot that sucks, Karma button not working 1

  6. Quote Originally Posted by olb33 View Post
    Ill be running BAM JW and restore for weeks 5 6 7 and 8.

    Price The Mass FX stack is more $$. with Divanil in the mass fx that may make it that much better I dunno. I do have a unopened bottle of the final product here but i havent used it with Divanil
    How are you planing to use the mass fx? Maybe you could try adding it in to weeks 4-8 of your jw/bam stack....

  7. no the last 4 weeks is also sponsored

    the mass fx is for a rainy day in the future

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    Shoot that sucks, Karma button not working 1
    damn try again

  9. Quote Originally Posted by olb33 View Post
    damn try again

    Tried like 6 or 7 times !

  10. Hyperdrol X2 is coming out soon so obviously it would stack nicely with Mass FX. Then you can compare retail stack to retail stack. I also have a bottle of Mass FX and will wait for H X2. Seeing as how I can get bloodwork done cheaply I'm interested to see how the results will compare to the beta stack I ran earlier.

  11. Very nice review man

    I am now on BAM and JW, I will, on my next stack, run Hyper X 2, as well as the new Mass FX. I'll be able to compare as well with the new formula.


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