Hi Everyone. I been a lurking on this forum for about 6 mos. Great INfo!
Question. I started taking X-Factor 7/4/2012 and still taking it for the 50 days recommended. I then started taking Test Factor a week later 8/11. I wasn't feeling anything from this and my joints kinda felt stiff but that isn't what I'm going to ask. I bought the E-Control 8/18. Man that stuff works after a couple days. LIbido was roaring a bit. I read a lot of things here in IMLs Osta Rx and it seemed to be some good stuff. So I bought a bottle of that 8/25/2012. I tell this stuff seems to be pretty darn good. I felt more energy after the first couple days. Felt more aggressive and my joints feel better too. How long can I run the Oxta Rx and the E-control (bought a bottle of Ultra Male last week butr no need to add that yet). I been taking 6 capsules of the E-Control and 3 caps of the Osta Rx. I think I can go 8 weeks with Osta if thats alright. I want to later on give a first time run on a prohormone. My main goal is for strength. I am 5' 10" 230. Used to be 250. I lost 20lbs and earlier this year and I wish I hadn't cause my dam joints I think from dieting and losing some fat made me sore and loss of strength due to the soreness but with the Osta Rx I feel pretty good and I think my strength should climb back up not saying I'm weak still pretty strong at 58 and awnry as hell at times. I been lifting for 40 years won a few Powerlifting championships as a master. Westside Rules! Just kidding but I do love that training philosophy and Louie Simmons is a great guy. It's true he will help anybody if you call. Thanks. Any input on this cycle (or the next) for how long and what to not add or add would be great. I apprecitate it.