GH + TB 500 for tendinitis in both arms and groin strain!?!?

  1. GH + TB 500 for tendinitis in both arms and groin strain!?!?

    I have been running GH for over 3 mths to help tendinitis what I believe is tendinitis in both arms. Suffered after a akido class and the heavy construction work all week the. Bam! Pain kicked in like crazy. Was not able to lift at all. The. Shoulder kicked in as well. Most pain is in biceps and triceps. After 3 mths pain has gone down a small amount seeing some improvement finally but not that much just enough to have some relief lift things like 5ish lbs with out pain now.. Nothing more. Just started running TB500 today in hope that this might be a better fix for my situation. Does anybody have any experience running these two for a similar injury? Or should I just be running TB 500 alone?? Oh yea I also have a groin strain that I have been dealing with for years off and on but it's really bad now due to just working legs and training my kicks on the bag. I have 20+ year jujitsu back round that is out the door now because of this injury!

  2. You may want to look into mk2866 and bpc 157.

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