PEG MGF semi-log

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  1. PEG MGF semi-log

    Hi i have started PEG MGF yesterday. I will be doing 250mcg Mon and Thursday for 2 months.

    past history: geared alot frequently and for a long time. A year or so ago had a flair up of hand eczema, who knows why, was on cortisol oral and cream for awhile. Got fat and skinny lost alot of mass. Eczema is under control now, started lifting and eating well again last summer. After 8 week cycle of test 500mg/wk and some epistane and 7-keto DHEA. I am looking like where I left off.

    Currently: last week of post cycle therapy (30mg of Toremifene) and taking Size On (creatine) and Drive (Icariin and Forskolin etc). Also taking Magnolia extract (magnolol and honokiol) and PowerFULL (levo dopa). The supps will be done in two weeks. I might run Drive one more month as the increased cAMP might AMPlifty the effects of PEG MGF (pure speculation). Also taking one cap of Jet Fuel stimulant pre workout. Lowered to one cap due to forskolin. Mixed 2ml of BW in a vial containing 4mg of PEG MGF, swirled and inverted to mix gently. will be shooting 12.5 iu at Mon/Thurs. I am eyeballing 12.5iu by the way...probably 12iu.

    Diet: On training days lots of carbs, on off days 1/3 of the carbs. Protein/fat are the same both days. I got the idea from Carb Cycling Codex from t-mag, but I am not following it exactly, just experimenting with it so far.

    Training: every other day regimen. 1hr 15min workouts. splits are Chest/back, Quads, Arms, Ham. Might switch soon but eod regimen will be the same. That way some days I will be shooting MGF on off days and some day will be PWO.

    so far not sure what the effects are but not expecting much. Horrible disturbing dream this morning(dont know why). In the morning i felt a little energized, but felt also moody kinda like high dose clomid feeling. Had an argument with a co worker, could have ended badly but i kept it cool. Maybe this is from my post cycle therapy being almost over. It could also be Icariin??? who knows. Anyways, feel a little strange, hard to explain. Also almost passed out sleepy around 3-5pm, but im like that always anyways at work LOL siesta sounds good.

    I am not all that psychosomatic, however if this is subconscious placebo effect, so be it, i am writing as it is. Yes I know PEG MGF is a steady gain compound nothing like gear I am not expecting that.

    In the gym, ended up doing one extra set for first three exercises (Arm day). felt good but nothing crazy, a bit more of pump, strange as its too early. Again felt a little different in terms of mood but hard to explain.

    thats it so far. will keep you updated, but since i call this a semi-log dont expect a detailed everyday everyhour type of bs log, LOL I will probably post 2 times a week.

    has anybody tried PEG MGF with forskolin? I mean all other studies use forskolin to amplify the effects of whatever the drug they are using in their studies. I was thinking taht high cAMP might work synergistically with MGF?

    thanks for reading

    ps. forgot to add, I already stretch and do foam rolls after every workout and also do Dogg Crap type of stretches for body parts. I used to do 3 sec negatives for all movements, but recnetly have changed to explosive movments. Today I read a study on pubmed on rats that eccentric movment produced more igf and mgf than concentric and isometric movements. So I will be really focusing on stretching my fibers and focusing on eccentrics.

  2. cool man, will be interesting to watch, try to post up your weight and some pics too if you can.

  3. Hey there

    currently 192 at 6' dont know the bf% it was 14% like two months ago, but i have gotten leaner since then so who knows.

    still freaked out by posting pictures on world wide web for all to see, thats just weird, i guess im a technology phobe. I will take pics now and post after pics, after 2 month or 4 month mark.

    maybe i could post measurements instead, thats another idea.

    tomorrow ham day and shooting up.

  4. If I understand correctly you will pin PWO on days you lift, but when will you pin on non-lifting days? Morning?

    I'm going to be using pegMGF here shortly, and I'm contemplating when to pin, just looking for others ideas who are using it. I work out on M/W/F, so I will definitely pin on those days, just a matter of morning or PWO at this point.

  5. getbustered, im planning on pinning M and Thr strictly no matter waht at night time.

    so this week, Monday was off day and tonight i hit my hams and i will be pinning shortly soon. So it will vary throughout since i am lifting eod. hope this is not confusing.

    why? cuz i dont think there is a set rule, and i doubt it will make a HUGE difference. Plus this is my first time with MGF and i will be experimenting.

    as for today, went up 10lbs on first two exercises, and the rest i went up on the reps and seems like theres a bit more energy.

    again not sure if this is from MGF or not because i am at the end of PCT, so i maybe just getting my T level back or something or the supss. too early to tell.

    so currently 192, 6ft
    arms 16.25''
    legs 25''
    waist 30'' (sucked in) 32.5'' (flexed)
    calves 15.5'' (yeah bad lol)

  6. shot up this morning into outer quads and did quads tonight, huge pumps, good amount of energy.

    some changes:
    i will be doing 2 on 1 off 2 on 1 off 1 on 1 off training routine.

    powerFULL is done, Drive will be done tomorrow, stopped using Magnolol, hate taking pills.

    will continue using the rest of Size on creatine and once that is done, i will be just on food and PEG MGF

    i also plan on doubling the dosage after this initial 2months for another 2 month round.

    look and feel a bit more dense, hard to explain, still looks like same bf% but i feel more full, not pumped but full.

    thats all to report.

  7. week 2 over,

    still at 192, getting leaner around chest (striations are coming out) and mid section. however still same measurements.

    the new program is going great, energized and super pumps everytime.

    feels kinda like 400mg/week of eq minus the water

    feels good so far.

  8. so is 10iu a good number? I got mine and did 10 iu yesterday after my work out.

  9. thanks for the log. much needed around here. im gonna be running it with igf1 in a few months. will be following.

    what is the magnolia extract for?

  10. magnolol and honokiol supposed to specifically reduce cortisol through blocking the conversion from cortisone (inactive) to cortisol (active) through inhibiting 11 beta hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase1 (11bHSD1).

    but i read conflicting articles regarding T levels and blocking that enzyme at the other enzyme 11bHSD2 on PubMed so I have stopped taking them. i have low T phobia LOL

    here is a quick info from wiki

    so im still using jetfuel for preworkout once in awhile, flaxseed oil caps, creatine and protein and food. Still following High carb days for lifting days and low carb days for off days

    i just started 10mcg of igf1 today.
    10mcg of Igf1lr3 on Wed and Sat
    250mcg of PEG MGF on Mon and Thurs.

    I will be shooting igf IM since due to the volume of injection, primarily quads because shoulder tends to bleed more and i dont want to lose my peptides when i squirt blood LOL

    PEG MGF will be run 500mcg per week for 2 months, then 1mg per week for 2 more months and igf1lr3 on top of that for 10 months and finish with pGH in the end. its going to be a long log.

    thanks for checking it out, i will keep on updating as often as i can and with honest feedback.

  11. Is it good to increase the MGF every few weeks?

  12. damn. you got alot of peptide on your hands....

    Ive never seen actual studies with pegmgf to know what the effective doses are, only going by what so and so said is good. Its pretty excepted that 500mg ew is the bare minimum but i wonder if you could take less and get gains. Any idea?

    Why dont you shoot the pegmgf IM? is it better subQ?

  13. Lots of debate on subQ vs IM with peg. I have switched to subQ for convenience. I think 500mics is MINIMUM per week. I prefer to use about 2mg/week

    That looks to be a VERY nice peptide cycle Comacho w/addition of igf and closing w/pGH.


  14. Lots of debate on subQ vs IM with peg. I have switched to subQ for convenience. I think 500mics is MINIMUM per week. I prefer to use about 2mg/week

    That looks to be a VERY nice peptide cycle Comacho w/addition of igf and closing w/pGH.

    In fact if I was you I would overlap the pegMGF/igf with the pGH for 2 weeks.


  15. so something like 10 iu is to low you think. That's what if been doing so far.

  16. Look pegMGF is not DOSED on an iu scale ok?

    IU's are measurements off a syringe.

    You measure mgf and igf and most peptides in micrograms. Since these peptides are used in a liquid form, you must look at the ratio of your solution = liquid/solid = mg/ml = micrograms/ml

    SO....if you take 2mg of pegMGF and add 1ml of BW or sterile water to it, you have a solution of 2000micrograms/1ml of solution

    NOW you have to figure out how many IU's you have per ML. WHY? Because a IU on a 1ml slin pin is different than an IU on a 1/2 or 1/3ml slin pin. 1/2 and 1/3ml slin pins have 100ius per ML. 1ml slin pins have 50ius per ML.

    Therefore if you use 10iu on a 1ml slin pin it will NOT be the same amt of liquid pegMGF solution as if you were using 10ius from a 1/3 or 1/2ml slin pin.

    So using 2mg of pegMGF in 1ml of BW = 2000micrograms of pegMGF/ml

    Thus if you are using a 1/2 or 1/3ml slin pin: 1ml = 100ius

    THUS you have 2000micrograms/100ius of solution

    THUS 1iu on a 1/2 or 1/3 slin pin (from 2mg pegMGF dissolved in 1ml of water) = 20 micrograms of pegMGF.

    So if you are using 10ius of this solution you would be using 200 micrograms of pegMGF (and its the amt of pegMGF you are using that is important).

    SUPPOSE you take 2mg of pegMGF and add 2ml of water

    THEN you have 2000micrograms peg/2ml water

    IF you are using a 1/2 or 1/3 slin pin (to inject with) then you would have =

    2000micrograms pegMGF/2ml water = 2000micrograms/200ius

    THUS 10micrograms per iu (aka 1iu = 10micrograms) therefore based on this concentration of solution IF you use 10ius you are injecting 100 micrograms of pegMGF.

    LETS take another look: suppose you have

    2mg of pegMGF in 2ml of water

    AND suppose you use a 1ml slin pin to inject with

    THEN you have 50ius/ml on your slin pin

    And you have 2000micrograms/2ml (and remember 1ml = 50 ius SO 2ml =100ius) thus you have 2000micrograms/100ius

    THUS using 2mg of pegMGF + 2ml of water, and injecting with 1ml slin pin you get:

    20micrograms of MGF per iu aka 1iu = 20micrograms

    THEREFOR 10ius = 200micrograms of pegMGF

    DJbombsquad bro, if you dont know what you are doing, maybe you shouldnt be using peptides.


  17. Quote Originally Posted by babyblu View Post
    Lots of debate on subQ vs IM with peg. I have switched to subQ for convenience. I think 500mics is MINIMUM per week. I prefer to use about 2mg/week

    That looks to be a VERY nice peptide cycle Comacho w/addition of igf and closing w/pGH.

    In fact if I was you I would overlap the pegMGF/igf with the pGH for 2 weeks.

    hey bb,

    you mean overlap all three in the end right?

    lol 2mg/week of MGF would be niiiiice.

  18. well with my ghrp6 they gave me 5 mg of ghrp6 but 2mg of water. Totally throws me of you know.

  19. my friend got the mgf few days ago and he had the 1cc slin pins and 2mg of water 2 my of mgf

  20. dude, get a clue. a mg of water??......stick with protien and creatine cuz youre obviously....

  21. aggrvated

    djbombsquad, its very rude to hijack someone's thread

    this is MY LOG, if YOU have questions start YOUR OWN thread. its simple.

    this is my nice way of saying it, next time i will contact the mod that you are focking up my thread.

  22. Quote Originally Posted by djbombsquad View Post
    well with my ghrp6 they gave me 5 mg of ghrp6 but 2mg of water. Totally throws me of you know.
    Not trying to be a complete dik, but that's like 3rd grade math that you're asking for help with, in another dudes thread I might add. On behalf of Camacho, beat it!

  23. Sorry for getting side tracked.

  24. Sorry Comacho, I abetted in the hijack. Yes I would run all three peptides together for a brief overlap.


  25. thanks for the support fellas.

    bb, i might be able to start that overlap this week.


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