New GH - Joints Are Aching

  1. New GH - Joints Are Aching

    3rd manufacturer of GH.

    I've been off GH for about 5 months (was on 6 months prior to that). Just started a couple days ago. 2iu till I ramp up next week when I start my actual full blown cycle.

    My fingers and elbows are hurting, straight aching since I started this GH.
    Do you think it's stronger than my last brands? Or a side effect or poor GH (this stuff is cheaper than my last 2).

    Ever had one make you ache more than others?
    What was your take on it...
    Get shredded or die mirin'

  2. All legally manufactured recombinant GH is the same 'strength,' 3iu per mg. None is stronger than another.

    Notice I said legally manufactured.

    Good luck...

  3. Ya the first 2 were pharm.
    The 3rd is UG.
    Get shredded or die mirin'

  4. the reason why joints ache on gh is cuz inflammation is the immune system sending cells to heal. so the extra achyness is a result of that because gh enhances the immune systems strength. it can be concluded that gh supplementation enhances inflammation strength cuz it enhances immune system strength which controls inflammatory responses. so its like increasing the water pressure of a firehose basically

    hghmagazine. com/growth-hormone-and-your-immune-system/

    ^ just remove the space to this link and itll work.
    growth factors and peptides can be used to enhance any cells in the body.

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