stomach getting bigger from GHRP/CJC

  1. stomach getting bigger from GHRP/CJC

    I've been running a small to moderate dose of GHRP6 and CJC 1295 dosed before bed and in morning, empty stomach etc. for about two weeks and I've noticed a gained a few pounds, but my stomach feels like it's just accumulated alot of mass, I don't know if it's water retention or very quickly gained belly fat, but its right in the area ive been injecting. I'm switching to GHRP2 bc i've heard that it works better with CJC and that it doesn't promote cortisol like the 6 does. Is there anything else I can take to get rid of this excess mass?

  2. it may be initial water retention, the GHRP throws a lot of fluid on you at first. I doubt at only 2 wks into it its anything like GH gut, how much are you running?

  3. 300mcg GHRP 6 and 200mcg CJC. I haven't changed my diet much at all either.

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