I'm starting a cycle with igf-1 , fina, and slin for 4 weeks, was wondering what kind of slin to take, I've heard humalog -h but not sure, what times to inject and where to inject and what to eat with it. I've heard it's kind of risky so I'm going to make sure I know what i'm doing first

  2. I think there is a sticky at the top of the forum that give that infomation..
    Insulin Information Here!

    Also you cycle is too short and did I see any test in there with that tren?

  3. The insulin sticky gives you information on using insulin alone.

    You should use Humalog if you can get it.

    Do not take 10 i.u.'s of slin with LR3IGF-1 !!!

    With LR3IGF-1 you should not take more than 4i.u.'s of slin since the igf will make you more insulin sensitive. Start at 1 iu and work up to 4 i.u.'s the same way you would work your way up if you were using slin alone. If you are using slin you MUST carry glucose tabs. You can buy a roll of these at the pharmacy for a dollar or so, anyone can make a mistake, but the unprepared do not live to tell about it. I think you should add test prop to this cycle or cut out the fina altogether. (If it were me I would use test prop alone with this cycle @ 75-100mg/ed.)

    Extend it to 6 weeks and run the LR3IGF-1 & slin for 3 weeks on/3weeks off/3 weeks on, starting the second run of IGF at the end of the cycle will help you to keep the gains and with recovery.


    What are your planned dosages?
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