PGE1[special Analog]

  1. PGE1[special Analog]

    does anybody here have any knoledge about the compound pge1[special analog] ? ive researched PGF2a and im very interested in it but just wanted to find out what pge1 issince there both prostglandins.and i think i can use one of these compoundsto bring up my quads in my right leg because my leg is about 2" smaller in diameter because of a broken leg[femer just above knee]or maybe a link would be appreciated thanks.

  2. i think this is used more like a last minute fix to a physique before getting on stage , temporary ( generally) increase in size which fixes symmetry problems . only protocols ive seen using this compound in a cycle are by paul borreson in his "stack" book ... most others use it only for symmetry adjustments like i already said .

  3. thanks ray PGE1 is derfinately not for me

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