anybody still using pGH?

  1. anybody still using pGH?

    nobody talks about it anymore LOL

    how do you like it so far?

    i found a few articles saying it will lower testosterone on pubmed but now i cant find it anymore, i will try to search again.

    something about GABA lowering test and exo test lowering GABA vice versa.

    cjc sounds better than pGH for GH boost.

  2. i would agree that cjc would be much better than pgh. pgh is good i used a 30 day supply once. i liked it but for some reason i seemed to make me require much more sleep. it was such a ***** to wake up in the am. if i had the money i would use cjc and some other ghrp's for a synergy effect.

  3. thanks for the reply,

    what were the positives you have noticed using it for only 30 days?

    i have a 3 month supply.

  4. I use it with ghrp-6 everynight.
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  5. I used it for several months and liked it, except that damned breathless rush. GHRP-6 has become so affordable now that I don't use pGH anymore.

  6. pos effects with pgh- deeper sleep. better recovery, modest fat loss i just looked leaner. pgh is good but i would like to use ghrp-6.


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