Been a while, but wow @ upgrades to forum

  1. Thumbs up Been a while, but wow @ upgrades to forum

    I havent been on this forum in a while but I am very impressed with the new stuff. It really goes beyond other forums. Good work admins

  2. Yea the Seinfeldians have been working their tails off.

    Gears 2 soon as well bro!

  3. oh man I cant wait for that. Have you seen the rendezvous trailer?

    I got the reservation for the collectors edition a while back so Im pretty excited

  4. "I have a rendezvous with death" ~ That trailer was insanely bad ass. I'm an IGN junkie as well, so been following it pretty close.

    I'm planning on just getting via gamefly so I can get the discount for it. Should be pimptacular.

  5. a discount you say...ill have to look into that. I think this is looking better than Halo 3 did at the same time



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