I tried this last year, but I wasn't exactly in good enough shape to enjoy it on my longer runs... listen to a good audiobook.

Whether your slow-pacing on the treadmill, recumbent biking, whatever, I think you'll find audiobooks to really take your mind elsewhere (which can really help with some boring stretches of long sessions). Pretty cool stuff. Just started one last night, and although I cut the run real short due to the weather, I enjoyed it.

Also, you will look forward to doing more cardio, to continue the book. Just don't listen to it any other time than cardio! Extra motivation on top I'd say.

Personally, after reading a few, I became very interested in Tom Clancy Net Force books, a continuation of Rainbow Six-like stories but placed in the future. Gripping stories, even though they aren't even written by Tom Clancy anymore (I think, lol).

If you have iTunes, it's a simple download ($10-$19). iTunes is very easy to setup in case you don't have it too - just download the installer from their site, install, and go to the store though the program to buy it. It will ask you for a credit card to create an accord, and there you go.
Just thought I'd share... so check it out