Steroids: Finally The Truth Is Told

  1. TheChosen12012 A.P.F California State Champion& 2 Class Record Holder (Deadlifts)

  2. bump.


  3. I saw this about two years ago when someone first posted it. Great video. I've got it saved on my PC.

  4. hey irish cannon, who's that retarded lookin kid in ur avatar?

  5. Saw that movie a while ago, shared it with every naysayer I could think of. Great vid!!!

  6. If I were president than everyone would see this and get a free 50 ml bottle of Test but that's just what I think

  7. The fat man against steroids was an idiot. Judging by his turkey neck (that's all I could see of him), it would appear that he probably doesn't eat right (fast food like most Americans) and probably doesn't exercise at all. And not at one time has he probably ever thought that he is at more of a health risk now and later on in life than that Mr. Clap dude who is 70 and is in excellent health. Pisses me off. There are so many people in this world that are complete idiots, don't offer anything positive, and only look at one side of anything. Their side and their side only. I think they should all die. Retards. Fcuk! (Damn I got really pissed at the end of typing that). /end


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