Mini rant about the "Women's Zone" of the gym

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  1. THanks, I still have not figured out how to embed the videos

  2. I was pissed when my gym first got a room like that, because if were paying the same rate we should get the same stuff, but once you notice that most of the women that walk out of there exceed what Arnold could bench in his prime, its not a bad idea.

    They could balance this out by making a "freak zone." Dumbbells over the 120 that we have now. That way anyone who uses them wont be looked at as if they were dripping blood from their mouth.

  3. Quote Originally Posted by B5150 View Post
    I want an "all me" section of the gym.
    Pretty much my favorite statement of all time!

  4. Hmm I agree guess that means I need to work on getting a house with a basement Then I can build me one!!!

  5. Quote Originally Posted by ArnoldIsMyIdol View Post
    What a conceited idea, to have a second part of the gym only for women. We all know what this is really for-the women are afraid that , oh gosh, a man might look at her while she is working out.

    This is pretentious bull****. The entire reason you are going to the gym is to look good, so why get upset when someone notices?
    Imagine if the roles are reversed, and there was a men only portion of the gym. I garintee there would raving crazy butch looking dykes out the front waving banners and screaming sexual discrimination. Its reverse discrimination and the activists who rally against it don't care because its against men.

    It just shows that the activists discriminate against men, if they were really wanting all things equal for men and women they would be kicking up a stink about things like this as well.

  6. I don't have a problem with this and I can understand it. There are some creepy bastards at the gym sometimes.

  7. Having a Womans Only section of the gym serves the greater good. Firstly, it gets more woman into the co-ed gyms and allows them the freedom to perform all the exercises they desire without being intimidated by the aggressive, savage men roaming the free-weight rack.

    In turn, they work harder and more frequently, creating better looking females for all of us to meet, court and etc....

  8. I don't see a huge problem with this aside from the facts that it could potentially subtract from the budget of the gym to maintain and upgrade the equipment in the "general population" part of the gym.. if they want to seclude themselves and cause a big fuss about it then whatever, it seems to be a decision for the gym owners and managers.

    But one thing I do wanna ask about is to the women who don't like to be stared at and oogled -- what happens when lesbians start working out in the all ladies section?

    I have a few friends that are gay and are actualy really forward with their sexuality. Is it more comfortable for a girl to have a girl stare her up and down as opposed to a guy?

    Although I in no way advocate an all male part of a gym, I know if that were to come to terms for similar reasons (which I really doubt it ever will) I would be way creeped out/uncomfortable/slightly pissed if some gay guys started eyein me up. So all in all, it might seem like an all girls portion eliminates the staring and all that noise but only to the degree of male towards female -- not female towards female! And then just try to seperate the rooms into homosexual women and heterosexual women and see if you don't get beaten to death with protest stakes!


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