13 Most Ridiculous TV Shows

  1. What about ALF ?

  2. I dont know, those girls from Quark look pretty good. LOL @ Beauty and the Beast, my mom used to watch that and I hated it.

  3. they totally overlooked ALF

  4. When I was a kid, I looooooved The Man From Atlantis!!!

  5. Then there were greats like the Misfits of Science, Manimal, Herman's Head...
  6. Smile

    Quark was hilarious, way ahead of its time ! at least that's what I though when I was 8.

    BJ and the Bear was legend, especially when the Piston Packin Mommas guest starred !!

  7. I want to watch #1 and #2, looks like entertaining stuff.

    You guys better lay off ALF bros, that was a good show!


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