Third Reich lives on...through online gaming :D

  1. Third Reich lives on...through online gaming :D

    Angry German Kid With Subtitles -

    ^ This is why I quit playing video games...

  2. I'm downloading this now. I saw the video before but not with subtitles, I want to see what the kid is saying. The kid finally goes nuts and smashes his keyboard. One things for sure, that kid needs his ass beat more than anyone I have ever seen.

  3. brings back super nintendo memories

  4. Duuuude! I laugh, but I am also glad that there are no cameras on me during my worst days. lol

  5. wow at the end when he leaves to go cry... priceless

    where in holy hell are his parents to restrain him, jesus christ...

    I cant completly bash him as I have had some interesting controller incidents with madden and halo.. but never went that far, only a couple of computer monitors, 4 mouses, 6 controllers, and a window (yes that is a joke I am not like the german physco)

  6. wow, looks like me playing Delta Force on a long night.

    That was great. Faster CPU + More Memory + High End Video Card = the only way to go for gaming.

    I remember Unreal Tourney, when it had to "Load", I used to get pissed as well

  7. I won't even comment on my former online gaming addiction if you think that is bad

  8. Holy crap that's f'ed up, is he like...retarded or something?

  9. Quote Originally Posted by Jayhawkk
    I won't even comment on my former online gaming addiction if you think that is bad
    Did you know in the Quake II Deathmatch 12 step program you have to apologize to everyone you fragged while addicted? ***** and a half tracking all those people down. But I'm better now.

  10. Yeah, I figure i'll be done in 2-3 more months. It would of been faster except I had a America's Army, Unreal, Ultima Online list to work on too.

  11. Wow he makes me look almost Zen like when I played online games.

  12. I don't need help! I don't need help!

    Hmmm m'kay...

    I'm thinking this kid is either mental or a good actor. That cursing in german is harsh enough to peel the paint off walls.
    Last edited by Nitrox; 08-06-2006 at 05:50 PM.

  13. I have no idea how that video of me got out, but it was awhile ago......I swear

  14. good lord.

    I'm not sure I want to bring babies into this world now.

  15. Quote Originally Posted by Ubiquitous
    good lord.

    I'm not sure I want to bring babies into this world now.
    I'm sure its okay...just don't let them play UT Deathmatch against that German kid and they should live long, happy lives.

  16. damn, I thought I got into games at time (halo2). But damn, I never throw **** or scream like that. every now and then ill yell bull**** at the tv, but thats about it. That kid is completely off the wall insane.


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